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Going Clubbing…

So what do I have in common with EL James, Meg Wolitzer & Thomas Hardy? Stop laughing, this is going somewhere people. You see as it now turns out all of our books have been read by the fantastic ladies of the Super “A” Reading and Cultural Society. Now that’s really not their name, it’s just a name I made up, I could also call them The Magnificent  Literary 7 or maybe the Lit Spice Girls, I kind of like the ring of that too. Either way they are just great and they were kind enough to break into their regularly scheduled programming to read Through The Lens and invite me to speak at their monthly gathering.

I can’t tell you all how nervous I was, going in for my very first book club chat, but these kind ladies made me feel right at home. Turns out they had all read the book and from the feeling I pick up, liked it.  They asked fantastic questions about the characters, motivation, the way I craft a story and touched on some inside industry things, all of which I hope I gave coherent answers too. Hey, you never know with me.


 I got a wonderful insight into their reading habits and I was surprised at how many of them read on their phones, oh my poor eyes, but for sure the digital age is here to stay. We talked new and old books, favorite authors and genres and in the end I left with some gorgeous flowers and a magnificent group of 7 new friends. Oh yes, I’m a lucky girl indeed! And next they are on to a book that couldn’t be more of a shift from TTL … To Kill A Mockingbird. Really? Me, the opening act for Harper Lee who woulda thunk  it?


All the best,



  • Kathy

    Now that doesn’t happen every day having an author show up to your book club … cool! How exciting for you to hear feed back first hand…and make some new friends too!

  • pve

    How wonderful for that book club to have you, the author as their special guest. I think in all the years I was in a book group, we never had a “live” author attend! I hope you can share your love for writing and romance with more book groups! I know you will inspire many readers and writers. (and lovers too!)

  • Lise Horton

    What a terrific opportunity to chat with readers and show them your fabulous self. I know you’ve made fans for life and dedicated readers for the next book . . . and the next . . .