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Great Day

Well it’s the last day of November and I’m happy to say I made my self imposed NaNo goal adding 50,000 new words (go me). But with all the new twists and turns this book is still far from done. Sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog but I’ve been saving all my words for the page and that’s where my head has been.

Jack sends you all a good morning today though from his little bed where he spends much of his time guarding me and making sure I don’t stop typing. Have a great one!



All the best,



  • Ina in Alaska

    Jack is a tough taskmaster! Thanks for your nice comment over on my blog. I am very happy to be at the Jersey shore and getting ready for the hopefully lovely party for mom on Sunday! xo

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Congrats on finishing NaNo!!!! I’m so impressed!!! You’ve done it before, right? Did you do anything different this year? You’ll have to pass along some tips in case I ever get brave enough to tackle it! My son’s junior high school actually had one teacher this year promoting NaNo. I thought it was cool. She let the kids come into her classroom every day at lunch, plus she opened her class on the weekends and ordered them pizza! (My son didn’t participate — too busy playing outside!! — but I thought it was really cool that she started so many inspirational students so early!)

    Good job, Kwana! We’ll look forward to seeing that book in print when? 🙂