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I’m doing a little work on keeping my life contained and so far not doing a very bang op job of it. The only progress I’ve made so far is over the weekend with my new container porch plantings of basil and some hot and sweet peppers. Also some geraniums for a bit of pretty. I’ve decided to forgo the planting in the back since over the past few years it’s been steady disappointment of weeds and some critters coming along at the last minute stealing my bounty. Besides you know what they say about doing what you’ve always done…

Also Jack seems to like it out front. Here’s hoping for better results this year. Are you doing any spring planting?





  • Ina in Alaska

    The containers are a great idea Kwana! I love peppers. Planting here (for me) is a waste of time. The season is so short and I always like to do other stuff with the limited good weather so I may try a container. Maybe.

    Hope Jack is doing better, I see he still has the cone on.

  • Kathy

    I planted some basil but that is it when it comes to veggies….too many deer and rabbits to steal my bounty! Have a wonderful Monday!

  • Joyce

    The squirrels beat me again this year at the strawberries. Sigh… I did some planting more weeding and still have a section I havent touched yet. Did some replanting and less containers this year. But I did do done herbs in containers this year instead of the ground. Have you ever tried pineapple sage? I love the smell- just like pineapple. 🙂 I hope Jack is doing as well as he looks. xo

  • AgergoAmets

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