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    I’m doing a little work on keeping my life contained and so far not doing a very bang op job of it. The only progress I’ve made so far is over the weekend with my new container porch plantings of basil and some hot and sweet peppers. Also some geraniums for a bit of pretty. I’ve decided to forgo the planting in the back since over the past few years it’s been steady disappointment of weeds and some critters coming along at the last minute stealing my bounty. Besides you know what they say about doing what you’ve always done…

    Also Jack seems to like it out front. Here’s hoping for better results this year. Are you doing any spring planting?




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    So the long awaited rain has finally come. And I’m thankful for it. I mean really I have to be. My grass is as dry as old broom straw and with brush fires popping up in unlikely places like Long Island we sure need the rain. But I should have know the downfall would come right on the day my peony blooms.
    At least I snapped a picture. You know what they say. It lasts longer.


    Happy Monday.


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    From Garden

    My roses are blooming. These were here when we got the house now going on 5 years ago so their growth is not really do to me and my brown thumb, just careful planting way before me. So now my husband and I trim and pray. Here you see how we go from yard…


    to ahh…

    to writing inspiration.

    I hope you have an inspired day.