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    Blooming Monday!

    Happy Monday! I’m hoping you had a lovely weekend. I sure did. It was a proud one as I saw my DD receive her Associates degree in liberal arts this weekend. This is what I hope is her first higher learning degree as she is going right onto continue her studies for her bachelors next semester. It was blooming smiles all around even if it was a tad drizzly. Nothing could dampen our spirits.


    And speaking of good spirits… we have a winner in my Get Ready For Seduction Giveaway! The lucky winner is… Vanessa N! Thanks Vanessa and thanks so much to you all who entered. And please remember that Seduction’s Canvas will be out on May 27th and you can pre-order it now. You can also get an exclusive sneak peek over at Heroes and Heartbreakers right now.

    Have a great start to your week!


    All the best,


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    Rise and Shine

    Happy Monday from me and the Jackster. Time to rise and shine and face the week. Now that book Book 2 in my Creative Hearts series has been turned in and I’ve had a lovely weekend off, it’s time to lace up my skates and get going on book 3. Whee!

    But first, there are some more glamorous things on my to-do list like: laundry, dusting and the ever fab grocery shopping because after this past week (ok 2 maybe 3) this house is screaming for some TLC (or at least a L or C).  What are you getting up to this week?


    All the best,



    P.S. Nana would like to give a heartfelt thanks for all the beautiful birthday wishes. Thank you all so much. She really enjoyed reading them and we had a fantastic time celebrating her birthday.

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    Eating down the line aka what I did on my Summer vacation…

    Happy Monday!

    Here I am back at my old laptop after a week away on the road with the family and finding it oh so hard to get back into the swing of work again. The DH, DD, DS and I were off to Savannah to visit with the DH’s kin and I have to say I think I ate my way down I-95 and back up again. Of sweet tea how I love thee! Now get back!

    You can see the evidence of my gluttony which felt at times more on the edge of debauchery here:

    So now I’m feeling like some serious Fall get in line action needs to be taken but then again… the summer’s not over yet. Check back with me on that action after Labor Day. Have a good one.




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    Fall In!

    Happy Monday! I’m hoping you all had a good weekend. So I woke up yesterday morning and let my family know straight out of the gate that I would be writing all day. All day? Yes, all day.

    Giambologna’s “Woman Reclining and Writing”

    Well, I guess I was nice and firm in my tone because the DH who was up early anyway got the coffee going and made me a lovely breakfast as I got up, cleaned myself up, and got into my summer writing uniform of  old pull on shorts and tee. After eating I fired up the laptop. Around 10:00 I went online to my church’s website to peek in on the service. Nothing like being there in person but I love that we have that watch live capability. After that back to work.

    Around lunchtime with a stretch I ventured out of my bedroom and asked my DH would he please make me some lunch. I got a brief surprised look but gave the “I’m in my writing world face” and a bit later had a nice spicy noodle soup and turkey wrap.

    It was back to writing after that. Time was ticking the clock was going too fast.

    Around 4:30 I noticed no one was moving. The dreaded dinner time. I sighed. Maybe I had pushed it. I knew the DH wanted fish and not his own cook fish mine. So I relented and let him know if he brought it I’d bake it. Easy peasy. I already had 3,800 words. A fantastic day’s total.

    After dinner and on a roll I went back in for a few more words before what I’m now calling a comedy hour: True Blood. The day’s total 4,900 words!

    So what’s the moral of this rambling story? Let your intentions be known from the get go and don’t waver. The rest will fall in line.





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    Animal on Repeat

    So I heard this song three no maybe it was four times today while running around with the dear teen twins to and from practices and in and out of malls. I’m thinking the New York D-Jays musta had it on a loop this weekend. So for that I’m inviting you into my world. Welcome.


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    Happy Birthday Nana!

    Today is my Nana’s Birthday and I can’t tell you how happy we all are to be able to wish her a happy one and celebrate with her. What a blessing she is to our whole family every day.

    Please join me in wishing Jack’s favorite Lady and just about

    everyone else’s a very

    Happy Birthday!

    We Love You Nana!


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    Love & Loss

    I’m in the writing cave hopefully deep in the way back. Thinking about family today and Love & Loss.



    Just a quick PSA: Take time to say I love you to all that you do today. 



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    Happy 17th Dear Twins!!

    Happy 17th Birthday Dear Twins!! I can’t believe I’m actually writing that number. As I do, of course I’m telling myself not to cry but looking at these pictures from our trip to Disney World when you were just 3 years old it’s hard not to think of that as just yesterday and not tear up.

    But I (well, we, both Dad and I) turn and look at you now and marvel at the young man and young woman you have become and we can only wonder at the truly amazing adults you will one day be. We are very proud of you both and blessed every day to have you in our lives.

    Here is it only a few words down and yes, the tears are flowing freely. Sorry, guys, I can’t stop them. All I have to do is think of the never ending love I have for you both and my heart overflows. If there could be one thing I would change in this life. It would be to go back to just a few of these very precious days and slow them down a bit. So that I could hold you both tighter on that day. And tell you I love you just one more time to add to my tally.

    Happy Birthday K & W! Enjoy the next chapter on the Journey Into Your Imagination.


    Love Forever,

    Mom and Dad

    & That funny dog Jack too!

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    Yep, I went and did it. For yet another time, this past weekend I made the family pile in the car and head to Sears for our own Awkward Family holiday photo. There I was with the oldest kids in the store. There they were trying hard to pretend they didn’t know me or the DH. Honestly, there the DH was, trying hard to pretend he didn’t know me either. What up with that?

    But I’m happy to say, mission accomplished and I have now gotten a photo for every year with my twins all through high school!

    Next year they will be going to college and we may start skipping some years and I may be ok with that.  I May. We will see, but I’m thrilled to have made it through this year and I didn’t even pull out the vinyl to get it done.



    Photo fm Awkward Family Photos