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Fall In!

Happy Monday! I’m hoping you all had a good weekend. So I woke up yesterday morning and let my family know straight out of the gate that I would be writing all day. All day? Yes, all day.

Giambologna’s “Woman Reclining and Writing”

Well, I guess I was nice and firm in my tone because the DH who was up early anyway got the coffee going and made me a lovely breakfast as I got up, cleaned myself up, and got into my summer writing uniform of  old pull on shorts and tee. After eating I fired up the laptop. Around 10:00 I went online to my church’s website to peek in on the service. Nothing like being there in person but I love that we have that watch live capability. After that back to work.

Around lunchtime with a stretch I ventured out of my bedroom and asked my DH would he please make me some lunch. I got a brief surprised look but gave the “I’m in my writing world face” and a bit later had a nice spicy noodle soup and turkey wrap.

It was back to writing after that. Time was ticking the clock was going too fast.

Around 4:30 I noticed no one was moving. The dreaded dinner time. I sighed. Maybe I had pushed it. I knew the DH wanted fish and not his own cook fish mine. So I relented and let him know if he brought it I’d bake it. Easy peasy. I already had 3,800 words. A fantastic day’s total.

After dinner and on a roll I went back in for a few more words before what I’m now calling a comedy hour: True Blood. The day’s total 4,900 words!

So what’s the moral of this rambling story? Let your intentions be known from the get go and don’t waver. The rest will fall in line.





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  • pve

    I love that you “fired up” the lap top. Yes, it is so important to let those around us know our true intentions. I worked on friday and it was so comforting knowing that my man “manned up” –
    Sounds like you had a productive day!

  • Kathy

    Way to go and your family survived….I need to learn a lesson from this page! Make your intentions know and stick to it! Have a wonderful day!