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The Name Game

So my eyes shot open this morning, my heart racing and I was in a bit of a panic when I realized that with this new book I’m working on I inadvertently named a major character the same name as a relative of mine. Gulp. Now that I have remembered the family member there is no why I can go forward writing that sexy smexy scene I had all planned out. It’s done. I’ve gone cold. No way great aunt so and so is going to be thinking I was thinking of her when writing that!

But this is not a simple case of just re-naming the problem is this character is introduced by her nickname in my book coming out in September: THROUGH THE LENS. Yikes what to do? Cut to me firing up the laptop and going to a few Baby Naming sites to search for some names with that root. Luckily I have found one that I like and my heart has returned to its normal state of just semi-manic-panic.  Writer problems. They are so on the edge.



Hope your day is less angsty than mine.





P.S. I’m still waiting to hear back from Stretch in the Farah Rachon win. Stretch please email me so that I can have Farrah get back to you or another winner will be chosen in a week. Thanks.


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  • Kathy

    I guess as a writer you really do have to stay clear of anyone person’s name you have ever come in to contact with ever….so they don’t think it’s about them.

    As if coming up with a story line, characters etc…isn’t enough to worry about…glad you got it figured out now…enjoy your weekend!