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Happy 17th Dear Twins!!

Happy 17th Birthday Dear Twins!! I can’t believe I’m actually writing that number. As I do, of course I’m telling myself not to cry but looking at these pictures from our trip to Disney World when you were just 3 years old it’s hard not to think of that as just yesterday and not tear up.

But I (well, we, both Dad and I) turn and look at you now and marvel at the young man and young woman you have become and we can only wonder at the truly amazing adults you will one day be. We are very proud of you both and blessed every day to have you in our lives.

Here is it only a few words down and yes, the tears are flowing freely. Sorry, guys, I can’t stop them. All I have to do is think of the never ending love I have for you both and my heart overflows. If there could be one thing I would change in this life. It would be to go back to just a few of these very precious days and slow them down a bit. So that I could hold you both tighter on that day. And tell you I love you just one more time to add to my tally.

Happy Birthday K & W! Enjoy the next chapter on the Journey Into Your Imagination.


Love Forever,

Mom and Dad

& That funny dog Jack too!


  • pve

    sorry, I am laughing at the plethora of denim shorts in that last shot….we never designed shorts like those? But we did design a great life for our twins along with some stellar birthday celebrations!
    Enjoy those 17 year olds…..eeeek.

  • kathleen

    Time does fly by, and I guess your looking back on it now. Many Blessings to your twins and best of everything as they enter adulthood. I know you are taking joy in their developments and skills as young adults.

  • Ina in Alaska

    Such a sweet post Kwana! LOVE the pictures of your babies…..they do grow up so fast and the years fly by. But they are still young and much fun is ahead. Enjoy it all, cherish every moment and Happy Birthday to the Dear Twins! xoxo

  • Elen

    Aw. Look at those faces! “Mama, would you stop taking our picture now so we can go see Mickey?”

    Wishing Happy Birthday and a bright future to both.

  • Joyce

    After reading your post- I’m crying just imaging what you are feeling today. It has to be great pride to see what love has created.
    Happy Birthday K & W!! Soon you will have the pleasure of showing your mom and dad all that you have learned from them as you start preparing yourself for your new chapter in life. Enjoy your birthday, the day is your day to eat all the cake you want! xo

  • BarbaraG

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to
    your Dear Twins!! Love the pics.
    Best wishes to Mom and Dad and the Jackster

  • laura @ the shorehouse

    I’m quite a bit late to this party but that first picture is like the cutest thing in the whole world. I had to say so! 🙂

    And what sweet words to your son and daughter…they are so lucky to have you for their mom.