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    A new storm may be coming but I’m so thrilled today that the storm of the election season has passed. I got 2 wonderful late night happy calls from my first time voter twins with tales from the college campuses and the excitement of the moment when the election was called for The President. I so enjoyed hearing the joy and the expectant optimism in both their voices. What an amazing and proud mama feeling.


    (flag pic taken fm my local polling place)

    Now I feel energized and ready to move forward to finish up the current book I’m working on (book 2 in my Creative Hearts series). Let’s hope I keep the power through this next storm. But no real worries because either way I’m pushing #Forward no matter what.

    All the best,



    Beautiful First Family image from here and beyond

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    Sunny Monday and winners!

    Good morning lovelies and Happy Monday!

    I’m a little (see a lot) tired this morning after a busy non-writing weekend with The DD who decided early Saturday morning that she could not live another moment without her mother. Nah! That’s not true. Though she missed me a bit, she really wanted to come home to get her hair done and begged me to come and pick her up for it. And yes, I relented (of course). But first I did the same thing she did and called my mom begging for someone to ride with. So I packed her up along with my sweet God daughter and we took a fun road trip checking out the gorgeous fall foliage along the way. Here is a lovely pic from on campus. What a day!

    I went old school with pulling winners for Jax’s Date with a Siren contest and our winner are Toni and Stephanie! Congrats ladies. Please email me at kwanawrites (at) yahoo (dot) com with your info and Jax will be in contact!

    Have a great week everyone!


    All the best,


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    Love On The Road…

    The DH and I took our love on the road this weekend heading up to the kid’s schools for a visit. It’s so strange seeing them out in the world and navigating things as best as they can on their own. They have to come outside to let us up and into their space. Once inside, here and there are the tell-tale signs of a hasty clean up. You look around and see how things have been moved around from when you first dropped them off and how they have put their own decorative touches on the place showing off their personality and not yours.


    But still you’re a parent and you ask, “Is there anything you need? Anything at all?, looking for some reason to stay around a bit, add your mark. Then you find it. “More hangers! A new pencil sharpener! Let’s go shopping.”

    So you take them out to get your little trivial items, grab a bite to eat before you say goodbye once again. Leaving them to their little rooms where you don’t know what times they come in, or how much they study but all you can do at night, at home from your far away bed, is say a prayer that they are there and all is well with the world.





    posters thanks to the kids.

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    Stepping Away…

    Letting go is not easy, but this weekend I had to do it again. With a heavy, fast beating heart and a churning, hot burning stomach, I bit my lip, said my silent prayer (wishing I could get a receipt at the end) and added my goodbye peering through eyes that had seen little sleep the night before. This letting go thing, no, it doesn’t get easier for me and I doubt it ever will. But still, I do my duty, open my arms and step away. Next week I will do it all over again.

    This is the joy of having twins.

    Happy Monday!




    Oh and it’s not all melancholy over here. Through The Lens is out and 1 week. Did you hear that 1 week from today!!! Have you likes my FB author page yet? Becuase now would be agreat time to do that. Wheee!!!

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    Hi there. I’m peeking out from my little cave to say hi. I’m trying to get into some sort of new life schedule with kids back home and a busy writing life. Things are a changing rapidly around here and it’s never a dull moment, but through it all I have to remember to stop and breathe and just let the world happen.

    Jack is still hopping around and so over his collar, but he needs it as I have to clean his wounds 2x a day so though he hates it, it’s very necessary. I hope I’m doing the cleaning correctly and all will be well when we return to the vet next week for his stitches to be removed.

    I’ll probably be a little more sporadic on ye old blog for the next few weeks just peeking in here and there. I will surely give you updates on anything exciting with me or the Jackster or the super cool book coming out in September!

    In the meantime if you have not please go and if you like, “like” my official author page on Facebook. Thanks.





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    Have a Happy…

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend all you moms. I’m thinking you should at least get a weekend out of the deal, forget about just one day. You all deserve so much more for all you do.


    And a Very special Happy Mother’s Day to my own mother, Kay and my Nana. I can’t say how much I love you both and how grateful I am to have your love in return. The older I get the more I know that.

    We are Mom enough!





    P.S. Thanks for all the well wishes for Jack. He is on the mend and taking his pain meds like a champ. I will keep you all updated.


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    Tag I’m It!

    I’ve always thought if the Dear Twins as a well choreographed tag team that I never quite got into step with since day one. You’d think I’d have it down to a science after 18 years but no, though I’m getting better I’m still always a little out of place, dancing to my own 80’s beat.

    Now as the super cool tag team that they are The DS smoothly got out of the ring this weekend and tagged in his sister, DD, for her spring break to begin as his ended. It is now officially the week of ‘Little Twin B’. Funny how these things work out. Like ships passing in the afternoon they shared a lunch of burgers and fries as they said their goodbyes and hellos all at once just fine with the fact that they had not seen each other in months thrilled to have each their own private week roommate and womb-mate free.
    Have a great week!


    image from here

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    Stretch it Out

    Happy Friday!
    So what are you up to? Jack and I are getting ourselves ready for the dear twins coming home for Spring Break over the next 2 weeks. Of course, like the tag team they have been since birth, they have two separate spring breaks just to keep us on our toes.
    So while I’m currently taking a breather and getting moisturized and beautified…

    Jack is in is classic downward dog position and stretching it out. Getting ready for all the activity to come.


    Have a great weekend!


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    The Mom-mobile

    I feel like such a sucker for saying this, but after seeing this Honda CRV commercial with Matthew Broderick I feel about 10 times cooler about my Freshchester Mom-mobile. And really it totally is THE Freshchester car. Drive up and down the main shopping drag and this car is like the yellow cab of the burbs. Everybody has one and is carrying passengers. Oh well for the next few weeks at least, me and my fellow Trader Joe haulers will bask in the glow of feeling like Ferris and living out our glory days. In our own minds of course.


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    Exciting Nights…

    Why are my nights so exciting? No, not like that. And sorry to disappoint, not like that either.

    You see it’s these dreams I’ve been having for the past few weeks (could be months now, years off and on if I’m honest) where I’m chasing something or trying to get something done and I never complete the task. Never! Also on top if these task dreams, lately I’ve also been having dreams about the kids and none of them are good either. It’s not like we are visiting Disney or anything. It’s usually school related and no one is happy, DS, DD, DH and definitely not DM (dear mom, me, wah!). So to this I wake in a panic filled with wonder over what they are doing ready to pick up the phone and start in immediately (must put down the phone) or I wake with my heart racing as if I’m on mile 19 on the NYC marathon, still trying to finish my unfinished task.
    So now as it stands here I am this morning, more tired than when I went to sleep. Let’s hope I don’t end up like this lady below during today’s writing/editing session because I’ve got to get something finished. Even if it’s only in real life.



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