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Exciting Nights…

Why are my nights so exciting? No, not like that. And sorry to disappoint, not like that either.

You see it’s these dreams I’ve been having for the past few weeks (could be months now, years off and on if I’m honest) where I’m chasing something or trying to get something done and I never complete the task. Never! Also on top if these task dreams, lately I’ve also been having dreams about the kids and none of them are good either. It’s not like we are visiting Disney or anything. It’s usually school related and no one is happy, DS, DD, DH and definitely not DM (dear mom, me, wah!). So to this I wake in a panic filled with wonder over what they are doing ready to pick up the phone and start in immediately (must put down the phone) or I wake with my heart racing as if I’m on mile 19 on the NYC marathon, still trying to finish my unfinished task.
So now as it stands here I am this morning, more tired than when I went to sleep. Let’s hope I don’t end up like this lady below during today’s writing/editing session because I’ve got to get something finished. Even if it’s only in real life.



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  • janicu

    My mom used to tell me that she couldn’t SLEEP the night before any of my exams because she’d worry about how I’d do. I, on the other hand, slept like a baby. Now that I’m older, I don’t sleep as well. I think I slept well back then knowing someone else was worrying for me. I think that’s what moms do. It’s comforting for the kids, maybe not so much for the mom.

  • Kathy

    I used to work in my sleep…..I wanted double pay for all I accomplished! Sucks to worry all day but all night too!
    Hope you get a nap in today!

  • kwana

    Thanks so much Janicu that makes me feel better.

    Kathy double pay would be nice.

    Ina I think you are right. I am stressing about my writing. Thanks.

  • Joyce

    I know the last few nights I have not been sleeping well. Waking up every hour or two. My always tells mom, “God wants to talk to you” my response is always the same, “why at this time””?! sigh… xo