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    Original Funny- Carol Burnette

    Friday’s here! Are you cheering? I hope you all had a great week and enjoyed the funny ladies. Today I went back to a favorite funny lady from my childhood, Carol Burnette. Here’s Carol having fun with a favorite movie of mine Gone With The Wind. It’s a long one but so many laughs. Enjoy.


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    Keep the Funny Gals Coming

    I’m enjoying this funny lady thing this week so I’m keeping it going and calling it a theme. Besides, I’ve been editing like crazy so I’m short on words.

    Today I’m heading to Australia for the original Kath and Kim. The funniest mother / daughter team evah! Sorry, but the US version, as much as I love Molly Shannon, is cute, but just doesn’t compare.

    Check out this clip with an guest appearance by Kylie Minogue:

    I hope you’re having fun!


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    Absolutely Fabulously Funny

    I so need to keep the funny coming this week just to keep myself smiling with all the drama of motherhood going on around me. So to keep it going I’m turning to two of my Absolute faves, Edina and Pasty of Absolutely Fabulous. Those fab Brits that kept me in stitches and still do whenever I pick up a DVD.

    I heard from David Dust that the plans for the US version was scrapped but I can understand it. I fear justice would have never been done to the original. Let’s keep laughing this week!


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    Funny Lady

    How much do I love Maya Rudolph? Thisssss Much. Check her out here doing Bronx Beat with Amy Poehler and cutie patootie Jake Gyllenhaal on SNL.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing her in Away We Go. My kinda sweet movie. Here’s the trailer:

    She’s my kinda funny lady. And I can use the laughs right about now.


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    I’m a Vulcan!

    And My hair is fab! Though everything else is just strange and freaky.

    Create Your Own

    Oh Kristen and Mel you do find the best things. Thanks so much!

    Now go and make your own here and keep the joy going. Happy Friday.



    1. Book/Dinner/Wine/Mom’s night out was so much fun. We had an exciting discussion over The Ten Year Nap. We even got lively over the word ‘piquant’. All different views on the characters and the style of writing. We were the loudest in the restaurant. Thank goodness we were in the back and we were the last to leave the restaurant. Too funny.

    2.Did you watch the real Hot Messes of NYC part 2 reunion? So fun! The best. Le Countess giving Kelly the business. Who woulda thunk it? Then the Kelly Bethenny showdown. Whoa!

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    Funny Filler

    This is just total filler because it’s 12:45 AM and I have no words left and can’t promise you any for tomorrow morning. But I really like this Heinekin ad and didn’t even notice it until the DH pointed it out to me. Very funny.

    For all my writers out there so I’m not leaving you completely wordless I’ll borrow a few from Julia Cameron since I’m currently re-reading The Right to Write. This is from the Chapter on Mood.

    “Being in the mood to write, like being in the mood to make love,
    is a luxury that isn’t necessary for a long term relationship.”


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    Political Babies

    What’s Jack up to? Right now Jack’s trying to charm the DD out of some popcorn. Not sure if the puppy dog eyes will work though. She’s pretty tough.

    I don’t have much to say on this hump day so I thought I’d share these funny pics that I found on The Huffington Post of Barack Obama with babies on the campaign trail.
    I’ve added my own captions. Please enjoy my sad attempt at humor.

    You know I don’t talk nearly as much a Joe Biden.

    Could you not do that? You don’t know what I’ve had for lunch.

    Before I agree to this picture, I want answers on your economic stimulus package.

    Sorry about the diaper, Senator, it’s been a long afternoon.

    Waa! You are soooo not my Daddy!

    Hey, you’ve got nice eyes.

    Hey, are you my Daddy? Cool!

    Can a brother get a hug? It’s been a tough year.

    Ba-rock the Vote!!



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    A Date With Your Family

    What’s Jack up to? Well the Dear Twins are back in school so Jack’s roaming around wondering where everyone got off to. Enjoy the quiet Jack. I will.

    I’m feeling quite uninspired by pop culture lately so I’m going back in time a bit to and old lurve, Mystery Science Theater. Funny, silly, very inspiring. Why? I don’t know. But it is.

    That said, I thought I’d invite you all to dinner at at my house. Yeah, it’s just like this. Really, it is. The Dear Twins are so helpful. Riiiiight. Just replace the smallest boy with Jack. Use your imagination. Have fun! Oh and pretend these are Black people. Enjoy. Peace Out!


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    Why I heart The Daily Show

    What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s deep under my bed fast asleep and snoring as if he’s going to spend the night there. Sorry, Jack it’s off to your own bed. I can’t sleep with you tossing and turning under me.

    Not much to rant about today, well tons really, but why? So I’ll just post this instead.
    Why I heart The Daily Show…