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    Smart Sony Style Meet Up

    As most of you who stop by ye old blog often know I’m a big lover of books and romance in particular so when my friend author Liz Maverick tweeted me about the sbtbSony event hosted by Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches Trashy Books I was in.

    I had a great time at the lunch time chat at the midtown Sony store on Masidon Avenue to talk about their newest ereaders just being launched and to chat about great reads. *Note to self: Gotta get newest Jenny Crusie* It was nice to see so many people come out and show their love of books in the serious summer heat. The passion for the written word is alive and well if you ask me.

    The pink pocket reader was too cute for words and I can see the DD just loving that in her Christmas stocking. I think I’m personally in love with the reader touch edition which is the next size up. It has quick page turns and the note taking feature seems like a dream come true for reviewing books. I’m also in love with Sony’s borrow from your library feature since I’m a huge library girl.

    Check out Sarah here holding the cute pink number

    And look at Angela James from Carina Press who was in town taking notes on the touch (I promise she’s not this blurry in real life).

    Angela was nice enough to give all attendees one free download which I can’t wait to get. Hmm who should I choose? The picking is half the fun.

    So tell me have you gotten on the ereader train yet? If so what type do you have? Sony, Kindle, Nook?



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    Beyond Heaving Bosoms- Launch Day

    It’s a Happy Day for romance! Today is the official release day for Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan.

    Happily in honor of their launch Sarah has agreed to guest blog today. Have at it Sarah. Welcome. My blog is your blog!

    Best Things About Meeting Fans of Our Website, Inspired by Kwana.
    (Kwana insert: Oh I’m so flattered! Cut to me batting my lashes.)
    1. Most of the women who read romance (I am an exception to his rule) are effortlessly stylish, savvy, and fashionable. (Me, not so much – after two babies with reflux, my fashion code is “May it Be Machine Washable.”) So when you meet these fabulous fans of romance, you can subtly learn all new ways to dress yourself and look damn good.
    (Look at this woman’s style. So cool. I’m sure she’s a romance reader.)
    2. Have we mentioned that Smart Bitches read romance? It’s true. So when you meet romance fans, expect silly, smart, sharp and witty conversation about everything from cell phone ebook readers to shoes to recently read books to the one title you’ll haunt the bookstore looking for on release day.

    3. Everyone is different with something crucial in common. I mentioned this in the Bitch Book ( better known as Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels) and it’s so true. Romance is loved by many, many different women from many, many different walks of life and places of origin. The one thing we may all have in common is romance novels. We may disagree on every other thing, but romances can give us hours of conversation. There aren’t many things that can establish a foundation of friendship like a love of man-titty, emotional happiness, and wonderful protagonists.

    4. Romance Readers always carry great handbags. Why? We have everything else plus a book in there. Check out the purse selection at your local romance reader hangout – or visit Lady Jane’s Salon for a visual education in the art of the book-carrying handbag. Then go shopping.
    (Amen. You’re speaking my language here. Check out her bag. I bet she has a great French romance in there.)

    5. Corny ridiculous time! The conviviality and eager joy of romance fans translates to a very happy atmosphere when we’re all in one place. Love, after all, is all you need.

    Thank you!!
    Thank you for being here. And to you and Candy for being such true romance warriors. Check out Sarah and Candy over at their blog Smart Bitches Who Like Trashy Books here. And pick up a copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms. You’ll have a great time.



    fashion images from The Satorialist

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    Guest Blogger! Sarah- One Smart B. on warm reading

    Imagine my twitterly glee when I saw that Sarah from one of my all time favorite blogs: Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books was offering to guest post on folks blogs today since SBs were going through maintenance. Their loss my gain. Evil I am. I jumped at the offer! So without further delay here’s Sarah…

    OMG you are SO RIGHT. My thermometer in NJ is reading a balmy 32.8 and I am excited about every last one of those last .8 degrees above freezing.

    The thing about cold weather is that it makes me crave soup, hot beverages, and really long, luscious, forget-where-I-am-and-how-cold-it-is books. These are a special section of my keeper shelf – cold weather books. I have vacation books, need-a-break-books, and the ones that Calgon-take-me-away immediately.
    My top cold weather books (add blanket and hot beverage, spiked if you like it, and really, really warm socks) are:
    “The Duke and I” – Julia Quinn. Holy smackerel I love this book. No matter where I start reading it, I’m in. Warmth of a happy family and a truly loving heroine: le sigh.”

    Charms for the Easy Life,” by Kaye Gibbons – not a romance, but three women’s storys, past present and future, heavy on the magic and midwifery.

    “Lyon’s Lady” by Julie Garwood. This one is on my bedstand because I am always FREEZING when I get in bed, and a few pages makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love old Garwood historicals but this one is among my faves.

    What books warm your toes?

    (Thanks for letting me guest blog!)

    Smart Bitch Sarah
    Smart Bitches Trashy Books LLC
    Thanks so much Sarah! I’m honored to have you on my blog today. I’ll be sure to put those books on my snuggle up list along with a Snuggie!

    Everyone please hop on over to SBTB when they are up and running. It is the place to be for those in the know on romance. And chime in on the books that warm your toes. For me it’s anything with a sexy rake and a stubborn heroine. Elizabeth Hoyt, Lisa Kleypas, Eloisa James please.