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Smart Sony Style Meet Up

As most of you who stop by ye old blog often know I’m a big lover of books and romance in particular so when my friend author Liz Maverick tweeted me about the sbtbSony event hosted by Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches Trashy Books I was in.

I had a great time at the lunch time chat at the midtown Sony store on Masidon Avenue to talk about their newest ereaders just being launched and to chat about great reads. *Note to self: Gotta get newest Jenny Crusie* It was nice to see so many people come out and show their love of books in the serious summer heat. The passion for the written word is alive and well if you ask me.

The pink pocket reader was too cute for words and I can see the DD just loving that in her Christmas stocking. I think I’m personally in love with the reader touch edition which is the next size up. It has quick page turns and the note taking feature seems like a dream come true for reviewing books. I’m also in love with Sony’s borrow from your library feature since I’m a huge library girl.

Check out Sarah here holding the cute pink number

And look at Angela James from Carina Press who was in town taking notes on the touch (I promise she’s not this blurry in real life).

Angela was nice enough to give all attendees one free download which I can’t wait to get. Hmm who should I choose? The picking is half the fun.

So tell me have you gotten on the ereader train yet? If so what type do you have? Sony, Kindle, Nook?




  • Gretchen O

    I am conflicted about the ereaders…there is just something about a book, I feel like if I get one, we are one step closer to forgetting about “real” books forever. But I hear they are amazing, and I should get one…we will see. Thanks for stopping by the blog, I appreciate it! –Gretchen O.

  • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

    I do like the Sassy pink reader. I picked up a flyer for the Sony Reader Touch at Borders last week. I’m still on the fence about e-readers, it would certainly be convenient for magazines, and for mass market books. I just hesitate about spending so much money. Although if someone gave me an Ipad for free, I wouldn’t turn it down!

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Oh, Kwana! These capture my heart! I’ve been wanting one for a year, but am hesitating to choose “THE ONE.” (Kind of like you and your phone!) I chose a netbook last Christmas instead of a Kindle (thinking I’d read on it), but I must say that was a mistake. Ready to give my netbook away. Then I fell in love with the iPad, but wondered if it’s too much for me. So now I’m back to looking at ereaders. love, love, love. …

  • The Zhush

    I have a Kindle…its one of the “first” issues…it now looks like an antique already! I really like it, but my only complaint is how quickly the battery drains…other than that its great…especially for travel!