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    Hanging at The Loft

    Hi Friends!

    Fun news today on ye old blog. Just to make November a bit more edge of my seat thrilling with you all know college apps, NaNoWrimo, Thanksgiving etc… I’m now part of an exciting new launch called The Loft.

    It’s a new Facebook page from Macmillan for contemporary women’s fiction, romance and chicklit where I’m the moderator! And you all know how much I like to talk so this should be fun for me. I’m so excited for this new launch where we’ll chat about all sorts of goings on in women’s fiction and chicklit is not a dirty word! Please stop on by and “like” The Loft on Facebook. Please join in the discussions so that I’m not talking to myself. LoL.

    Also friend us on Twitter @loftromance

    Oh and please tell a friend. Thanks so much!



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    Nesting with Nate

    Hello peeps. I’m still in recuperation mode from #nateday921. Seriously who would think going to see the taping of a show sitting in an audience and clapping would be so tiring. But factor in all the smiling and trying not to look all dorky and accidently pick your nose on TV and I’m plum tuckered out.


    But Like I said yesterday the best part of the Nate Berkus day was meeting so many wonderful bloggers face to face. Seriously was a warm, generous and fun group of people. As you can see I don’t meet any strangers.

    Sidebar: I’m so bummed not to have a pic with the sweet Stephanie of Brooklyn Limestone. Stephanie It was great to meet you!

    I could not believe how many folks have from way further than Stephanie (Brooklyn) and I (Westchester). I mean there were folks from Dallas, North Carolina, Utah, plenty from DC and quite a few from Canada. Here are a few pics of all the lovely faces. Now excuse me because I won’t be able to match all the names with the faces but believe me all these people are fabulous. There is the great Tamara from Get It Girl Style, Vanessaand Kristen from Canada, Susan from Shandell’s, Tamara from Nest Nest Nest, The lovely Lisa Ferguson, Roslyn of Ra Decor, Tina of Design in Color, Erika of BluLabel Bungalow and many more…

    Then there was the wonderful after party thanks to The Nest complete with fun bar cart challenge for the décor bloggers. What a cute idea and a fun time. I felt honored to be included. Now I hope all this good décor karma rubs off on me and I go from admirer to doer.


    It was wonderful to meet all of you. Thanks for being too sweet. Please stop by ye old blog often and give your thought on books, life, oh just whatever you like. If you are new to kwanawrites look around a bit and tell me what you think.  Oh and friends if you haven’t please stop by the Mills & Boon contest and give my entry a read and vote if you like. Much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!


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    Let the Side Show Begin

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is not feeling well today which makes me sad but I’m afraid it’s his own fault since while I was out at the Nate show he took the opportunity to get into a box of Fiber One bars. That meant throwing up in the middle of the night for Jack in hall and on the couch and just… Ugh! Poor Jack and poor DH who got up with him and poor me who is still cleaning up today. Fun, uh, not.

    Now I had a great time at The Nate Berkus Show. Sure It would have been fun if it was Oprah like and announced that it was blogger show day but you can’t have it all. Nate was just as cute as he is on TV. He did a nice Q and A with us after the taping and we got a scarf and a gift card from Payless as a parting gift. Go BOGO! Though I’d still love a Nate makeover anytime. Hey Nate I’m just up the road and need all sorts of help. Holla. Thanks.

    A big thrill for this PR lover was seeing guest Christian Siriano. You know this girl was giddy over that part. Look for me in the audience in the gold (yikes) with the huge goofy grin (natch). BTW I’m totally afraid of how I’ll look on camera. I swear it felt like the camera was in my face all the time and all I wanted to do was scratch my nose. If I’m on camera I’m sure I’ll look quite dorkish. I’m sort of hoping I’m not so I can keep my nice distorted imago of myself just a little longer.

    Ahh well. Look for me,because, yes it’s all about me, in the audience on The Nate Berkus Show, the one with Dressing from your closet with Christian, and Home Make Overs by Shopping your house.

    Now the best part of the day for me was meeting so many wonderful bloggers whose blogs I drool over every day. What a time that was! Bloggers came from all over the country and many from Canada. There was also a fab after party put on my THE NEST magazine way downtown. What a great night out. I will post more ye bloggers and pics tomorrow.

    Finally. Let’s all say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MA!!!

    Happy Birthday MA! All of you out there who know me or stop by often know how wild, unpredictable and fab my mother is. She is one you can’t hold down. You never know when she’ll show up or what color hair she’ll be sporting when she does. This oldie but goodie goes out to Ms. Kay! She always lovs a good side show. Love ya Ma!



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    Vamp It Up

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this, Jack is pacing back and forth and every once in a while stopping to give me “the look” as if to say, “uh when are you going to feed me lady?”  Uh oh now he’s just stopped and is starring. Going for the hard intimidation. Oh Jack I know your tricks. Patience please.

    I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was nice. I had fun with my new phone until it started to act all wonky and turned on a off a bunch of times and now I can’t find a load of pictures which seems to have disappeared. So now I’ve turned sad and have to visit Verizon and there is nothing I hate more. It really feels like I have bad phone Karma lately. And those were great picture of the DH and I was just going to download them when I noticed they were not there. I hope there is a way to recover them.

    In a small silver lining my most recent pictures from the weekend did not disappear. This weekend I had a real treat. The world of blogging is so odd. You have these strange relationships based on comments of snippets of a life a person felt free enough to share. I mean who knows how truthful or authentic the person on the other end of the computer is being? Are they who they portray themselves to be? It could all be smoke and mirrors and you could finally meet a person that you have a little blog crush on and it could be like meeting a star that you’ve seen in the movies and you’re like, “crap, they were much taller on screen.”

    Well folks, I’m happy to say I got to meet one, well two, of my blog crushes this weekend when my buddy Patricia (PVE) had Valorie, The Visual Vamp and her sweet love Alberto from New Orleans over for lunch.

    I couldn’t wait to grab the DH and run up the hill to see them (not run, drove really, no running for this girl). First off the DH did think I was a little cra-zy. You’re meeting another blogger from where? Well not five minutes into our meeting he was just as taken as I was by Valorie and Alberto. They are two of the loveliest, sweet, funny and genuine people you’d ever want to meet. 

    And they tangoed for us!!! So beautiful. It’s now on my list.


    Sunday afternoon was a great day. Thanks for a great lunch, Patricia. And it was a good feeling for me to come out from behind the computer myself and to meet someone who instantly felt like a friend and who was just what she presented herself to be…really real and a good vamp.




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    Old is New Again

    Thanks to all for all the sweet B-day wishes for my DH yesterday. He was so touched and sends his thanks.

    And still today I’ve got more going on. Told you it was a busy week. Whew.

    Check me out over here guest blogging over at the Borders True Romance Blog. How thrilled am I to be hanging with all those fabulous romance authors? Eeeeee! Please stop on by and comment all my blog friends so I’m not hanging alone. Thanks.


    I’m talking about reading the classics in a new way.



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    2 Kids A Dog and a giveaway

    What’s Jack up to? Why Jack is helping me make new friends on this here internet. Way to earn your keep Jack.

    I’d love to introduce you to Alexia and her family from 2 Kids and A Dog. Alexia got in touch with me after checking out my blog and seeing that we have so much in common being that I have 2 kids and a dog too (although mine are considerably larger. College soon ouch). Alexia is an American mom now married and living in Rome. Cool huh?

    Well, I went to Alexia’s site and fell in love with her wit and humor. Seriously she had me practically falling off my chair laughing at her family webisodes.

    Meet mom here:

    And watch some of the funny here:

    And go here to check out the rest of the cool family and laugh some more.

    Alexia is giving away one of her fun calendars to a lucky commenter and as a bonus I’m throwing in 2 romances from my overflowing shelves (yeah the DH will like this giveaway a lot).

    So comment away. The drawing well be held on Wednesday evening (um sometime before I conk out for the night. 11-ish?) Sounds official huh?



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    With Spring in the air I’m feeling the need for a change. It’s time for a long overdue sprucing up on ye’ old blog.

    But as with all change it’s a little scary. I have tried going at it with help from the professionals but it was not meant to be so I’m taking matters into my own hands and working on things myself-ish (a little help from friends is nice).

    But, I love control anyway and sometimes it’s better to control your own destiny. At least that’s what I tell my kids (cut to me biting my nails).
    I have long wanted to go from Blogger to WordPress or maybe do a Full Blown Site so wish me luck (Lord knows I don’t want to lose a bloggy thing). So please keep checking back here for updates and hopefully a new home coming soon.
    Time to spread my wings!

    Have any of you made some significant changes lately or are planning to?


    images from here.