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    What’s Jack up to? I don’t know I think Jack is just as perplexed as I am. Last night he started backing for a moment and I thought it was the DS coming home and when I went to check this is what I found…

    Who, well, what in the world got to our little pumpkin in 30 seconds? Yikes!  Even the stem  is gone. Jack and I are both traumatized and ready to run back to the city.

    Thanks so much to all of you who commented on my The Loft post yesterday. And an even bigger thanks to those that stopped by The Loft and “liked” me over there. Your support is so appreciated. If you didn’t get a chance click here to stop by. Thanks!


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    Hanging at The Loft

    Hi Friends!

    Fun news today on ye old blog. Just to make November a bit more edge of my seat thrilling with you all know college apps, NaNoWrimo, Thanksgiving etc… I’m now part of an exciting new launch called The Loft.

    It’s a new Facebook page from Macmillan for contemporary women’s fiction, romance and chicklit where I’m the moderator! And you all know how much I like to talk so this should be fun for me. I’m so excited for this new launch where we’ll chat about all sorts of goings on in women’s fiction and chicklit is not a dirty word! Please stop on by and “like” The Loft on Facebook. Please join in the discussions so that I’m not talking to myself. LoL.

    Also friend us on Twitter @loftromance

    Oh and please tell a friend. Thanks so much!