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Nesting with Nate

Hello peeps. I’m still in recuperation mode from #nateday921. Seriously who would think going to see the taping of a show sitting in an audience and clapping would be so tiring. But factor in all the smiling and trying not to look all dorky and accidently pick your nose on TV and I’m plum tuckered out.


But Like I said yesterday the best part of the Nate Berkus day was meeting so many wonderful bloggers face to face. Seriously was a warm, generous and fun group of people. As you can see I don’t meet any strangers.

Sidebar: I’m so bummed not to have a pic with the sweet Stephanie of Brooklyn Limestone. Stephanie It was great to meet you!

I could not believe how many folks have from way further than Stephanie (Brooklyn) and I (Westchester). I mean there were folks from Dallas, North Carolina, Utah, plenty from DC and quite a few from Canada. Here are a few pics of all the lovely faces. Now excuse me because I won’t be able to match all the names with the faces but believe me all these people are fabulous. There is the great Tamara from Get It Girl Style, Vanessaand Kristen from Canada, Susan from Shandell’s, Tamara from Nest Nest Nest, The lovely Lisa Ferguson, Roslyn of Ra Decor, Tina of Design in Color, Erika of BluLabel Bungalow and many more…

Then there was the wonderful after party thanks to The Nest complete with fun bar cart challenge for the décor bloggers. What a cute idea and a fun time. I felt honored to be included. Now I hope all this good décor karma rubs off on me and I go from admirer to doer.


It was wonderful to meet all of you. Thanks for being too sweet. Please stop by ye old blog often and give your thought on books, life, oh just whatever you like. If you are new to kwanawrites look around a bit and tell me what you think.  Oh and friends if you haven’t please stop by the Mills & Boon contest and give my entry a read and vote if you like. Much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!