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Vamp It Up

What’s Jack up to? As I write this, Jack is pacing back and forth and every once in a while stopping to give me “the look” as if to say, “uh when are you going to feed me lady?”  Uh oh now he’s just stopped and is starring. Going for the hard intimidation. Oh Jack I know your tricks. Patience please.

I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was nice. I had fun with my new phone until it started to act all wonky and turned on a off a bunch of times and now I can’t find a load of pictures which seems to have disappeared. So now I’ve turned sad and have to visit Verizon and there is nothing I hate more. It really feels like I have bad phone Karma lately. And those were great picture of the DH and I was just going to download them when I noticed they were not there. I hope there is a way to recover them.

In a small silver lining my most recent pictures from the weekend did not disappear. This weekend I had a real treat. The world of blogging is so odd. You have these strange relationships based on comments of snippets of a life a person felt free enough to share. I mean who knows how truthful or authentic the person on the other end of the computer is being? Are they who they portray themselves to be? It could all be smoke and mirrors and you could finally meet a person that you have a little blog crush on and it could be like meeting a star that you’ve seen in the movies and you’re like, “crap, they were much taller on screen.”

Well folks, I’m happy to say I got to meet one, well two, of my blog crushes this weekend when my buddy Patricia (PVE) had Valorie, The Visual Vamp and her sweet love Alberto from New Orleans over for lunch.

I couldn’t wait to grab the DH and run up the hill to see them (not run, drove really, no running for this girl). First off the DH did think I was a little cra-zy. You’re meeting another blogger from where? Well not five minutes into our meeting he was just as taken as I was by Valorie and Alberto. They are two of the loveliest, sweet, funny and genuine people you’d ever want to meet. 

And they tangoed for us!!! So beautiful. It’s now on my list.


Sunday afternoon was a great day. Thanks for a great lunch, Patricia. And it was a good feeling for me to come out from behind the computer myself and to meet someone who instantly felt like a friend and who was just what she presented herself to be…really real and a good vamp.





  • Visual Vamp

    Good morning dear Kwana,
    What a lovely surprise this post is with my morning coffee! Thank yo so much!
    Alberto and I loved meeting you and Will and we look forward to seeing you in New Orleans.
    We have tango lessons reserved for you!
    Con mucho carino,
    xo xo

  • kwana

    Thanks so much Valorie! Meeting you and Alberto was so much fun and Will and I hope to see you both soon in New Orleans. I hoping it will be a graduation present for ME when the twins graduate.

  • pve

    I am welling up – what a nice post. I never imagined the people or places that blogging would open my world up to. Still, how were Val and Alberto manage to be so light on their feet? (after all that lunch)
    Let’s go to New Orleans! So glad you live in the hood to come up for the afternoon,
    love ya-

  • BarbaraG

    How great to see three of my favorite bloggers and their families. Love the pic of Valorie and Alberto deep into their dance!!

  • deidra

    Ah this is great! It is a gift, isn’t it? This place where the blogging world meets the real world? One day I hope that our two worlds collide like this!