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    You Must Allow Me To Tell You…

    So on Good Friday I had the great fortune of having a bunny hopping on by house and putting a little gift in my mailbox. Imagine my surprise when I found this lovely package from my friend Patricia of PVE Design!

    What a lovely scarf from Brookish on Etsy and  featuring one of my favorite speeches from Pride and Prejudice! How many times have I swooned over Darcy as he said these words? Too many to count that’s how many.

    And can we discuss Patricia’s cute little bunny sketch. How sweet is that? Head on over to Patricia’s blog to see more work from this fabulous artist. Thank you so much Patricia! I know I will wear it until I wear it out.


    But before you go, do you have a favorite romantic quote that you’d like to share? If so please do in the comments. Oh and don’t be and April Fool! Keep an eye out and have a great one!



    All the best,


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    Uplifted! That’s what I felt after watching this video sent to me from my friend, Lieta. Now Lieta is not just any friend forwarding a YouTube video. No, she is the Reverend and Pastor highlighted in this video which focuses on her work and the work of the phenomenal women at St. James AME Zion Church up in Beacon NY. I’m so happy to see St. James here. It’s such a lovely church. To me it’s the little church that will. And I was so thrilled for Lieta and proud of her when she was elevated and given St. James to pastor. Though I will admit to feeling my own selfish sadness at not being able to see her beautiful smile on Sundays or at our YAMS meetings, but I’m so happy to see our loss is Beacon’s gain. Enjoy.


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    Faraway Friends

    What’s Jack up to? Today Jack is enjoying yet another snow day with me and the Dear Twins. He’s still on his meds though I have taken off his space cone since he has broken it almost beyond tape repair. And besides that I can’t stand to have that sharp little edge jabbed against my legs one more time so I’m giving him a break there. Poor little Jack and his space cone. I hope he enjoys the snow without it today.

    On a more fun note: It is still so surprising how this whole blog world works at times. On Monday I was thrilled to have a chance to meet a longtime blog friend from way across the pond in London. The Lovely Ronke aka Ondo Lady from the always happening pop culture blog The Musings of Ondo Lady.

    I’ve been a fan of Ronke’s blog for well over 3 years since Patricia of pve design first told me about her. And happily Ronke and I have been blog buddies since my first comment. Now with the power of Twitter we’re able to chat in more immediate time and the friendship has grown even stronger although I’m always a little miffed when she makes an Eastenders comment (wish I could be watching too).

    I was so excited about a month ago to get an email from Ronke saying she would be in New York and would like to meet me. She was kind enough to come up my neck of the woods and I picked her up from the train station taking her for a lunch. I gave her a choice of a places. Exotic but they rush you or not so exotic, but we can linger. I was so happy when she choose to linger.

    We chatted like long time friends over pasta and salad the fact that our friendhip was only long distance seemed to hold no bearing.

    Thanks so much to Ronke for being such a kind soul and proving how alike we are no matter how far apart.




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    Happy Birthday Megan!


    Happy Birthday to my PIC (partner in crime) Megan!!

    Megan is my wonderful critique partner, but more importantly she’s my friend and partner in all things snark and writing suffrage. Megan is kind and generous with her praise as well as being there with that kick in the butt when I need it too in order to get to the next word. She’s one of the smartest writers I know with the, hands down, best catalog of music.  

    On top of all that she has great taste in men…

    and she can rock a vintage 70’s frock like nobody’s business while rocking out to Afrika Bambaataa.


    Happy Birthday PIC! Wishing you the best year ever! Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to Megan.

    Love ya,


    dress from here. Megan may want to pick it up.

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    Vamp It Up

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this, Jack is pacing back and forth and every once in a while stopping to give me “the look” as if to say, “uh when are you going to feed me lady?”  Uh oh now he’s just stopped and is starring. Going for the hard intimidation. Oh Jack I know your tricks. Patience please.

    I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was nice. I had fun with my new phone until it started to act all wonky and turned on a off a bunch of times and now I can’t find a load of pictures which seems to have disappeared. So now I’ve turned sad and have to visit Verizon and there is nothing I hate more. It really feels like I have bad phone Karma lately. And those were great picture of the DH and I was just going to download them when I noticed they were not there. I hope there is a way to recover them.

    In a small silver lining my most recent pictures from the weekend did not disappear. This weekend I had a real treat. The world of blogging is so odd. You have these strange relationships based on comments of snippets of a life a person felt free enough to share. I mean who knows how truthful or authentic the person on the other end of the computer is being? Are they who they portray themselves to be? It could all be smoke and mirrors and you could finally meet a person that you have a little blog crush on and it could be like meeting a star that you’ve seen in the movies and you’re like, “crap, they were much taller on screen.”

    Well folks, I’m happy to say I got to meet one, well two, of my blog crushes this weekend when my buddy Patricia (PVE) had Valorie, The Visual Vamp and her sweet love Alberto from New Orleans over for lunch.

    I couldn’t wait to grab the DH and run up the hill to see them (not run, drove really, no running for this girl). First off the DH did think I was a little cra-zy. You’re meeting another blogger from where? Well not five minutes into our meeting he was just as taken as I was by Valorie and Alberto. They are two of the loveliest, sweet, funny and genuine people you’d ever want to meet. 

    And they tangoed for us!!! So beautiful. It’s now on my list.


    Sunday afternoon was a great day. Thanks for a great lunch, Patricia. And it was a good feeling for me to come out from behind the computer myself and to meet someone who instantly felt like a friend and who was just what she presented herself to be…really real and a good vamp.




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    Friends… Gotta Have Em

    Though it’s tax day today we’re just going to forget all that here on ye old blog and say Happy Birthday today to one of my dearest friends and always BFF, more like a sister, Ceska.


    Ceska and I have been friends since young girls on the playground from the days of Kick The Can to Jams in the Park (shhh don’t tell Nana) to the births of our children. Yeah, I still can’t write right after being in the delivery room with her for the birth of my 10 pound godson now 18 years ago. But a nearly broken hand? What’s that between best friends? Nothing.

    These songs go out to my girl Ceska. Thanks for always having my back and being a Queen of Peace Forever. Happy Birthday!

    Stop laughing. Now. You know you want to sing. What songs make you think of your old friends?




    The winner of The Uptown book giveaway is…. Lecia from the beautiful blog A Day That Is Dessert. Congrats! Lecia please email me your info at kwanawrites (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Yay!