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Friends… Gotta Have Em

Though it’s tax day today we’re just going to forget all that here on ye old blog and say Happy Birthday today to one of my dearest friends and always BFF, more like a sister, Ceska.


Ceska and I have been friends since young girls on the playground from the days of Kick The Can to Jams in the Park (shhh don’t tell Nana) to the births of our children. Yeah, I still can’t write right after being in the delivery room with her for the birth of my 10 pound godson now 18 years ago. But a nearly broken hand? What’s that between best friends? Nothing.

These songs go out to my girl Ceska. Thanks for always having my back and being a Queen of Peace Forever. Happy Birthday!

Stop laughing. Now. You know you want to sing. What songs make you think of your old friends?




The winner of The Uptown book giveaway is…. Lecia from the beautiful blog A Day That Is Dessert. Congrats! Lecia please email me your info at kwanawrites (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Yay!


  • pve

    Happy b-day to Ceska! I love that you made me want to pull out my spandex and gold today! I like knowing that friends and music can make perfect harmony!
    You know all the good tunes and gotta have friends for each song!
    Congrats to Lecia too on winning!

  • Joyce

    Congrats Lecia!

    Happy Birthday Ceska! Will there be cake? I have the tunes in my head so I can have some moves to my morning walk. xo

  • deidra

    Happy Birthday, Ceska! Congratulations, Lecia!

    Man, it’s like a party over here. Which brings me to the answer to your question: 1999 always takes me right back to a house party in a basement with only three or four strings of Christmas lights to “brighten” the night. Yeah…we better not tell Nana about that, either!

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