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Faraway Friends

What’s Jack up to? Today Jack is enjoying yet another snow day with me and the Dear Twins. He’s still on his meds though I have taken off his space cone since he has broken it almost beyond tape repair. And besides that I can’t stand to have that sharp little edge jabbed against my legs one more time so I’m giving him a break there. Poor little Jack and his space cone. I hope he enjoys the snow without it today.

On a more fun note: It is still so surprising how this whole blog world works at times. On Monday I was thrilled to have a chance to meet a longtime blog friend from way across the pond in London. The Lovely Ronke aka Ondo Lady from the always happening pop culture blog The Musings of Ondo Lady.

I’ve been a fan of Ronke’s blog for well over 3 years since Patricia of pve design first told me about her. And happily Ronke and I have been blog buddies since my first comment. Now with the power of Twitter we’re able to chat in more immediate time and the friendship has grown even stronger although I’m always a little miffed when she makes an Eastenders comment (wish I could be watching too).

I was so excited about a month ago to get an email from Ronke saying she would be in New York and would like to meet me. She was kind enough to come up my neck of the woods and I picked her up from the train station taking her for a lunch. I gave her a choice of a places. Exotic but they rush you or not so exotic, but we can linger. I was so happy when she choose to linger.

We chatted like long time friends over pasta and salad the fact that our friendhip was only long distance seemed to hold no bearing.

Thanks so much to Ronke for being such a kind soul and proving how alike we are no matter how far apart.