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Fuel for thought

Most of my writerly friends are in Orlando at the RWA national conference this week and honestly my heart is there too. I’ll be fighting hard this week not to live in a state of regret and oh I should have just gone for it and what the heck with the money zone. In order to combat that I’ll be listening to old workshops that I may have missed on my ipod and working on my next project and drinking lots and lots of coffee. 

Here’s hoping for a productive week. Wishing I were having my annual Nora spotting though.



P.S. Droid update: I have to get a new phone something is wonky with mine but it’s not in the store so I must keep this until it’s shipped to me. Patience is not my thing but I will deal. My BIG complaint: Why Verizon is it not shipped to the store and held for me for an exchange? Why must I pay for 2 phones and will then get my money back for one once I (Me?) send the broken one to you? That does not seem right.

P.P.S this is not new news. I did kindly tell this to the customer service person in Verizon and on the phone. Just had to blog it like I blogged how excited I was over getting the Droid.

P.P.P.S (huh?) I was no all rude like the Fla man who apparently did not have an hour for the technician to fix his phone because “he would lose too much business in and hour. As a matter of fact his business could shut down in an hour. Did we all have any idea how much money he could lose in that time. An hour? It was just crazy… Blah, Blah Blah….! ” Let the record show in the 45 minutes he ranted his phone did not ring once. I guess Mr. Trump was not calling.

Oh and I can’t stop talking. Head over to Becoming True Me to discuss Is God On MY Plate? Here.


  • pve

    I know how important it is to surround yourself with the right writers and the right techno gadgets and I hope it all works out for you. Perhaps some free-lance would be a good thing to consider so you can save for next year. It is always good to have patience and goals to achieve!

  • Ina in Alaska

    Wow too bad about the phone! I still say I really love my iPhone…could not live without it…

    And I enjoyed your post about meeting the Vamp from NO. And a tango to boot!! That sounded like such a lovely afternoon!!!! xoxox