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    What’s Jack up to? Why if he could he’d give each and every one of you his own personal thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes and share a bit of his birthday treat with all of you he would.

    Thank you so much.



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    Worry About You

    Those of you long time bloggy friends know what a worry wart I am and as I was driving little twin ‘A’ around today this catchy song came on the radio and I thought it was made for me especially since it’s homecoming weekend. You know filled with fun, and parties and all sorts of teenage stuff that moms worry about. Oh letting go is so hard to do.



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    Let the Side Show Begin

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is not feeling well today which makes me sad but I’m afraid it’s his own fault since while I was out at the Nate show he took the opportunity to get into a box of Fiber One bars. That meant throwing up in the middle of the night for Jack in hall and on the couch and just… Ugh! Poor Jack and poor DH who got up with him and poor me who is still cleaning up today. Fun, uh, not.

    Now I had a great time at The Nate Berkus Show. Sure It would have been fun if it was Oprah like and announced that it was blogger show day but you can’t have it all. Nate was just as cute as he is on TV. He did a nice Q and A with us after the taping and we got a scarf and a gift card from Payless as a parting gift. Go BOGO! Though I’d still love a Nate makeover anytime. Hey Nate I’m just up the road and need all sorts of help. Holla. Thanks.

    A big thrill for this PR lover was seeing guest Christian Siriano. You know this girl was giddy over that part. Look for me in the audience in the gold (yikes) with the huge goofy grin (natch). BTW I’m totally afraid of how I’ll look on camera. I swear it felt like the camera was in my face all the time and all I wanted to do was scratch my nose. If I’m on camera I’m sure I’ll look quite dorkish. I’m sort of hoping I’m not so I can keep my nice distorted imago of myself just a little longer.

    Ahh well. Look for me,because, yes it’s all about me, in the audience on The Nate Berkus Show, the one with Dressing from your closet with Christian, and Home Make Overs by Shopping your house.

    Now the best part of the day for me was meeting so many wonderful bloggers whose blogs I drool over every day. What a time that was! Bloggers came from all over the country and many from Canada. There was also a fab after party put on my THE NEST magazine way downtown. What a great night out. I will post more ye bloggers and pics tomorrow.

    Finally. Let’s all say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MA!!!

    Happy Birthday MA! All of you out there who know me or stop by often know how wild, unpredictable and fab my mother is. She is one you can’t hold down. You never know when she’ll show up or what color hair she’ll be sporting when she does. This oldie but goodie goes out to Ms. Kay! She always lovs a good side show. Love ya Ma!



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    To Be Judged

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been extra odd lately. Feeling very loungey and wanting to hang in the basement a lot these last few days. I think he may be extra tired after a busy weekend on the block with our annual block party. I’m happy to report that The Jackster was a perfect little gentleman and loved by all though. But with his charm of course he was.


    In other news… in a strange turn of events since I’m totally neurotic and can’t stand being judged (strange how I love reality TV and judging others though, hmm) I have entered a contest.  Yikes!

    Not that type of contest. I’ll spare you all. It’s The Mills & Boon New Voices contest. I know crazy right? All I can do is blame my phone breaking, Twitter and a momentarily lapse of reason. But there it is. So if you’d like to give my entry a read please hop over here and do so. If you like it, rate it. If not, well you know what mama always said about if you don’t have something nice to say.


    Thanks so much friends!



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    The Counseling w/ Marley Gibson

    Today I’m happy to once again have my friend, Marley Gibson here on ye old blog to talk about her newest book in her Ghost Huntress Series: THE COUNSELING

    Hi Marley I’m so happy to have you back on the blog to talk about another installment of your popular YA series Ghost Huntress. Tell us about it.

    What makes this world so exciting for you?

    I love Kendall’s world because I am master of all I survey…bwah ha ha ha!! Seriously…I like creating this setting with her friends, parents, etc., because we all know that how and where we grow up in our formative years really shapes us forever as a person. I wanted Kendall to be surrounded by support and love even though she’s going through a really touch time with her psychic awakening and all it has brought into her life. Besides, growing up int he South, I feel I know how to make a Southern town come alive with its quirky characters, oddities, and traditions

    Where do you get your ideas? I know you sometimes go on ghost hunts something I’d never do. I’d be way too scared. I believe there are ghosts among us I just don’t what to have any sit downs if you know what I mean.

    I get ideas from a variety of places – 1) mostly my warped imagination that likes to question and “what if” everything around me, 2) my even more warped dreams which are enhanced by the stomach medication I take at night with the side effect “vivid dreams, 3) listening in on other people’s conversations all the time, 4) things that happen to me or friends on ghost hunting adventures. I like to try and work in the realism of actual ghost hunts into the stories and often times, I will put in EVPs or details about things that we encounter at an allegedly haunted location. Come on, Kwana…go ghost hunting with me!

    Not me Mar! I’m totally afraid of Ghosts!! So what’s next for you?

    Well…GHOST HUNTRESS book 5, THE DISCOVERY comes out in May 2011. This will pick up where THE COUNSELING left off. I’m hoping that my amazing publisher will want more books in the series. In the meantime, I have several projects I’m working on, including the final edits on CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, which is the sequel to my CHRISTMAS MIRACLES that came out last year. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT will be out in October 2011. Other than that, just keeping busy with promotion, blogging, doing conferences and signings and traveling all over the US in my RV.

    Thanks so much Marley. It’s always fun to have you here.  See you on the road!

    Folks you can find more ghostly fun with Marley by going over to Books, Boys, Buzz and win prizes here all this week – http://yawriters.blogspot.com/and at Marley’s website at http://marleygibson.com/2010/08/28/awesome-giveaway-for-ghost-huntress-the-counseling/ – for contest, giveaway and prize package running through September 15th.



    Who watched the not so Real Housewives of NJ Reunion show? WOW Whee what a hot mess. Poor Andy. I hope he got a bonus for getting knocked around like that. My mouth was hanging open.

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    Next to Normal

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is one excited dog today.


    You see the dear twins are home from their week with the grandparents so Jack won’t have to deal with just boring old me all day. And that means my week of freedom is officially over (cut to me slightly sniveling). I really enjoyed it but now the mornings are getting colder so Fall is definitely in the air. Time to get back to normal or at least our version or normal which is so far from normal it’s in another state.

    But I am happy to have my children close to me again.  It’s hard to have them so far out of reach. Though now that this is will be their Senior Year I’d better start getting used to that awful empty feeling.

    Are you getting that early Fall feeling where you are or are you still in full Summer mode?

    Happy Monday!



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    Lesson In The Frustration?

    What’s wrong with this picture? Why it’s the fact that the knitting is not on the needles as it should be. See I made some sort of mistake in my last lacy row and now my count is off and I have no clue how to fix it and I must start over…again.


    So I’m going back to zero and unwinding. I put the knitting down for a full week as I thought of going forward with the mistake but I knew in my heart I couldn’t do it. There would be a flaw in the pattern. The only way forward was to go back and start over.

    So painful as it is this is where I am now. Unwound and snipped off and back to the starting point.

    Of course there is an obvious lesson in this pain that has to do with life and writing that’s hitting me on the head that I’m sure will make a great speech later when I’m feeling more accomplished, but right now I’m just feeling like a person that can’t walk, chew gum and knit.



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    Becoming True Me

    Happy Friday. So we’ve made it through another week with sweltering heat in the Northeast and the big news is LeBron is going to….Miami. And the world goes insane. I mean really insane. I had so much fun on twitter with the madness that for a 1/2 hour I almost forgot the BP oil spill. So thanks for reminding me of my gnat sized attention span LeBron while crushing my DS’s heart by not picking NY. Way to go!

    In other news I’d like to invite you all to stop by my new blog Becoming True Me. It’s originally a blog that I was going to keep closed but I decided to open it up with my recent arthritis diagnosis. I will still be here daily at with Jack at KwanaWrites but this is something slightly different, more of a personal journey of me dealing with life, family, kids and the RA.

    Please come on by my secret cottage and have a wonderful weekend!


    Love you, Love me,