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Lesson In The Frustration?

What’s wrong with this picture? Why it’s the fact that the knitting is not on the needles as it should be. See I made some sort of mistake in my last lacy row and now my count is off and I have no clue how to fix it and I must start over…again.


So I’m going back to zero and unwinding. I put the knitting down for a full week as I thought of going forward with the mistake but I knew in my heart I couldn’t do it. There would be a flaw in the pattern. The only way forward was to go back and start over.

So painful as it is this is where I am now. Unwound and snipped off and back to the starting point.

Of course there is an obvious lesson in this pain that has to do with life and writing that’s hitting me on the head that I’m sure will make a great speech later when I’m feeling more accomplished, but right now I’m just feeling like a person that can’t walk, chew gum and knit.




  • Chudney DeFreitas-Thomas

    I feel your pain in both the the writing and the knitting. I’m no where near as advanced as you are in the knitting I stick to blankets and throws. My 10 year old picked out what turned out to be a very complicated pattern and so halfway through I realized there was a very substantial fault in my knitting and I had to start it over again. But I’m halfway through an easier pattern now. One day I;ll go back an attempt that pattern again.

  • Kathy

    Sometimes it’s just easier starting over! Been there done that. Love the color, I can only knit scarfs! My family is sick of scarfs! Good luck!

  • Visual Vamp

    Girl you need to go over to Patricia’s and have JC make you two a huge yummy cocktail.

    “Put down the knitting,
    The book and the broom.
    Time for a holiday.
    Life is Cabaret, old chum,
    Come to the Cabaret.”

    xo xo

  • beki

    Oh boy, knitting and all its’ life lessons…perhaps this is why I haven’t touched the needles in a while and all my first sweaters that I knit with speed and passion are waiting to be frogged. As much as it hurts at the time, ripping out and starting over isn’t so bad. I’ve been there MANY times.

  • pve

    I warned you, lace knitting is not for the timid.
    You will figure it out, but first let me make you a huge yummy glass of something. Like Val says, take time out to enjoy life. Don’t postpone the JOY!
    Be happy 🙂

  • The Zhush

    eeek! This is exactly why I do not knit! I know I would make mistakes just like this…and would have to start over…and, ugh, the frustration of it all! Can’t wait to hear how you “knit” this tale into a story!

  • Melina

    Well, the knitting impresses me no matter how it’s turning out. In the end, I have no doubt the lace will be phenomenal!

    Thanks for the great writing analogy! 🙂

  • Linda

    Oh, I have been there Kwana. Once I noticed a mistake at the very beginning of a sweater I was knitting. I tried for the longest time to ignore it, but I just couldn’t do it. I ended up ripping it all out! I know there’s a lesson there. My Mom reminds me that the Amish deliberately put a mistake in their quilts to remind themselves that only the Lord is perfect. I’ve been trying to be better at that.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.
    I notice you live in Westchester. I grew up in Peekskill. Do you know it?

  • kwana

    Thanks for all your kind words on my frustration. I’m going to give it another go. Will keep you updated.

    Linda I do know Peekskil it’s North of me but not too far. I’m in lower Westchester the Rivertowns.

  • Lecia

    I tried knitting once and found it to be an exercise in frustration. I now realize, I just don’t like sewing, knitting etc. I admire people’s creative efforts in those regards, but it isn’t my thing. Let us know how it goes for you!

    Happy weekend my friend! xo