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Summer Breeze

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been a happy dog these past few days with nothing but nice weather, treats and his favorite lady up from Harlem to pay him visit.

Yep, Nana has been hanging with Jack while the DH and I take the twins on some college tours and Jack could not be happier with long lazy days and nights on the porch and all the cuddles he wants.

Right now he’s enjoying a cool breeze, the nice view and probably wishing that summer could last forever.


Hope you all have a glorious weekend.




  • deidra

    Hey, Nana! *me waving over the fence*

    The week before H and I were married he took a group of high school students on a week long bus tour of college campuses. Then, he slept through our entire honeymoon. Those kids wore him out! I hope you’re having fun, pacing yourself, and getting enough rest during your latest adventures! What schools have you visited?

  • kwana

    Hi Kristen! Happy Weekend!

    Deidra, *waves* from Nana. LOL you honeymoon story is so funny.
    We went to UConn and New Haven and Binghamton and New Paltz. Will try and get in another before the summer is over.

  • purpleflowers

    Nana looks like a really nice lady. And Jack looks totally content.
    Happy Weekend. Hopefully, the humidity is gone for the summer. (I live in NJ, so I’ve been feeling it too).

  • bg

    The Jackster looks like he has it made in the shade, and his #1 lady looks happy, too.
    Best wishes to the future college students.

  • Simone

    Have the twins made any college choices yet?

    So glad that you have Nana to keep Jack company and to spoil and cuddle him. I’m sure he’s loving the extra attention.