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    Two Reasons

    What’s Jack up to? Well Jack has been such the Jackster and then some lately. Darting all around and barking at just about everybody (don’t ask me what’s up with that) that dares cross his path.  Seems the little dog has quite the ‘tude.

    But he’s tipping around the corner and onto the blog today to wish you all a Happy Friday and to say

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    to all the mom’s out there. We’re both hoping you have a joy filled weekend.





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    Feeling Lucky?

    Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day today! Here’s hoping you get Lucky!


    Today I’m hosting knitting and we’re having a duel birthday celebration for two very good friends. Please join me in wishing

    Happy Birthday to our born on St. Paddy’s day girl Patricia of PVE Design and 



    a belated Happy Birthday to Sue of Tuck Shop by Snack Queen!

    Head on over to their blogs and give them a shout today. Tell em Kwana sent you. Let the party begin…


    And speaking of lucky, we have a winner of the Scandalous Women giveaway. Thanks to Random.org the winner is….

    Holly Wright! Holly please email me your info and I will be sure to pass it on to get the book to you.



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    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I’m wishing you lots of love today. May your love cup never be empty.

    Today I have a fun Valentine’s Day announcement. I’m so grateful to those of you that have followed me over @loftromance on Twitter and The Loft on Facebook, well now I want to tell you about another exciting place to check out from Macmillan. HeroesandHeartbreakers.com

    Heroes and Heartbreakers is a cool new site for the romance lover in all of us and it goes live today! Please go and check it out.

    I’m sure you’ll fall in love as I did. Over there you can read book excerpts and original stories, happening blog posts and enter to win great prizes. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter so you won’t miss a thing.

    Oh and look out for some post from me over there down the road because I’ll also be a blog contributor. Whee!! Thank so much for all your support.  It means so much to me.

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    Much Love,

    Kwana &

    The Jackster


    Love you DH!! Told you that already but really, can I say it too much? Never.

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    That and So Much More… Happy MLK Day!


    Thanks so much to all of you for the wonderful Happy Birthday comments for the Dear Twins. They were so touched and thank you all!

    So I was driving downtown with the twins the other night to go and meet my DH and see The Addams Family for the twins’ birthday (it was wonderful). We were in a crazy amount of traffic and the DD and I were both frustrated and flipping radio stations in for of a flipping competition. I was so happy when this gem from 1986 came on. I had the best time trying to tell the twins about the song and what it meant to all of us. The fact that Martin Luther King Day wasn’t always a holiday (something they could not really get their head around) and we were so happy we had to get out most popular and most stylishly dressed (LOL) R&B stars of the time to commemorate it. I hope you enjoy and reflect today on all Dr. King stood for and how his dream still had a long ways to go.