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    Sharing is Caring

    Oh boy, we’re getting down to the wire. The tree is up and I’ve finally started my shopping. Nothing like saving it to the last minute huh?




    This weekend I did one of my favorite holiday things. Me, along with a few other women from my church volunteered a morning to go and wrap hundreds (yes, hundreds) of gifts for children in the city’s foster care system. A sore back is a small price to pay when I think of a happy smile on a child’s face on Christmas day. Personally, I think this is what the holiday should be all about. The joy of sharing time and love in service of others.



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    A Good Day

    What’s Jack up to? Well the Jackster has had us on our toes for sure this weekend. Making off with sausages then going running down the street only to have a neighbor nab him barking in the middle of the road then bring him back home. Yeah Jack was quite the handful on Memorial Day.

    But I guess it was just the excitement of the fun day. Memorial day in our town starts with a parade. Most of the town comes out to watch and the Parade ends at the Memorial Field with speeches then hot dogs and sodas for everyone. It ‘s a nice way to give honor and to come out and see neighbors you haven’t seen is a while.  Jack had fun seeing all the folks and even his buddy Bentley Ms. PVE’s dog.



    Well now it’s back to the weekly grind. I think I may just ease into it. How was your weekend?



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    Happy Mother’s Day

    Wishing all the Mom’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. Relax at take some time for you. This is a pic of a fun tote given to me by a friend which so sums up my motherly house keeping ways.


    Have a wonderful day!




    I will take my own advice one I finish my edits. Will be a working mother’s day for me. Snip, snip.