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Sharing is Caring

Oh boy, we’re getting down to the wire. The tree is up and I’ve finally started my shopping. Nothing like saving it to the last minute huh?




This weekend I did one of my favorite holiday things. Me, along with a few other women from my church volunteered a morning to go and wrap hundreds (yes, hundreds) of gifts for children in the city’s foster care system. A sore back is a small price to pay when I think of a happy smile on a child’s face on Christmas day. Personally, I think this is what the holiday should be all about. The joy of sharing time and love in service of others.




  • Carolyn Gibbs

    That’s a beautiful thing to do during the holidays, Kwana. Sharing is the true spirit of the holiday. Love your tree! Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Joyce

    A wonderful thing you and the girls did!
    There are so many kids in the system that actually don’t look forward to the holidays. This day is like any other day for some of them. Being a CASA volunteer has opened my eyes. I remember bringing gifts to a group home for not only my CASA boy but for the whole house. One boy at the age of 16 that year was receiving his FIRST Christmas gift. Made me feel sad that I have been blessed with so much.
    Good job my friend! xo

  • Kathy

    I agree and what a wonderful tradition for you and your church to do. Warms my heart to think of all the children’s wishes you made come true. Have a wonderful week!

  • pve

    You are so right! I can imagine you smiling from ear to ear wrapping each gift…knowing that somehow you would be crafting a story in that little person’s life! Wishing you a splendid holiday dear friend.