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    Happy Birthday Nana!

    You should all be so lucky to have a Nana like I have.

    A grandmother who is grand is every sense of the word. Today we are blessed and full of joy to be once again wishing her a very happy birthday. And I’m glad to be sharing one of my favorite pictures from an old Mc Donald’s birthday party that I think my kids ( they are the little ones in the vests) had or it could have been one of the others I really don’t know. But as usual all the children flocked around Nana and ambushed her. Here she is with her hand on her head saying something like, “Lord let me just catch my breath and I’ll get to all of you.” And she always did. Sometimes taking care of many more children than that by herself in her home for working mothers.

    And like Dr. Seuss whose birthday she shares all the kids flock to her.

    We love you Nana! Have a great Birthday!

    Kwana, DH, DD, DS and Jack

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    So They Say…


    So they say that you are now an adult
    Well tell it to these eyes that fill up with tears every time you say goodbye for they can only see the sweet babies God graced me with early that blessed morning.

    And tell it to these hands that though they have aged over the years still know the feeling of holding you in my arms rocking, rocking.

    And finally tell it to this heart that will forever have a place for you, shut off from the clanging world always chattering and squawking and saying, constantly saying.

    Well let them say. For it will beat forever and say baby, my baby,  you are loved no matter what they say.

    Happy Birthday my Dear Twins remember 18 is what they say but Love is what I feel.

    Love Forever,

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    Happy Birthday Ma!

    Happy birthday to my wonderful, amazing, irreverent, smart, beautiful, you can clearly run out of adjectives to describe… MOM!



    “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. “
    – Agatha Christie


    Love You Forever,

    Kwana and the gang



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    42… did I say that out loud?

    Well Happy Birthday to me today and yes, I am saying the number out loud.

    It’s a very grown up sounding number to me. Something to own up to. The type of number that says I should have my crap together or at least be pretty much well on my way to having it together. Right? Ugh, see that ‘right’ I just added in there? I’m feeling like with the number 42 that questionable ‘right?’ should not have been included.  At this point it could be all ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ‘I got this’. And for the most part I do. Right? Ugh there I go again! LOL.

    Oh heck. This morning I’m 42 and still the same old me. Though eyes a little wider open, seeing myself clearly for the blessed wife, mother, friend, daughter, writer, woman that I am. At 42.



    image from here oh and don’t forget to enter the Everything I know… Romance giveaway here

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    Everything I Know About Love… a giveaway!

    Tomorrow is my birthday. Hold the applause please. Like for realz, I’m getting in the age range where I’d kinda like to not blow horns or wave banners, but still me being well… me, I can’t just let the day go by. So I thought I’d have a little celebration by sharing the birthday love and having a giveaway instead.

    When I was at Book Expo I was able to get a signed ARC from one of my favorite bloggers and now come to find out she’s  a fellow June birthday girl and Gemini, The Smart Bitch herself Sarah Wendell!

    Sarah signed an advanced reader copy of her new book:



    The book is not due out until October 2011 but you can win a signed copy here now!

    Here is a bit about the book straight from Sarah’s site:

    “Combining the wisdom and wit of romance readers and authors, this book puts to rest the idea that romances create unrealistic expectations of love, relationships, and sex. Romances can teach us about finding the ideal partner, weathering conflict, discovering our preferences, and, most of all, about loving and appreciating ourselves.”

    Just leave a comment and I will announce the winner Monday!

    You can visit Sarah at her site and find out about pre-ordering here.



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    Feeling Lucky?

    Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day today! Here’s hoping you get Lucky!


    Today I’m hosting knitting and we’re having a duel birthday celebration for two very good friends. Please join me in wishing

    Happy Birthday to our born on St. Paddy’s day girl Patricia of PVE Design and 



    a belated Happy Birthday to Sue of Tuck Shop by Snack Queen!

    Head on over to their blogs and give them a shout today. Tell em Kwana sent you. Let the party begin…


    And speaking of lucky, we have a winner of the Scandalous Women giveaway. Thanks to Random.org the winner is….

    Holly Wright! Holly please email me your info and I will be sure to pass it on to get the book to you.



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    Happy Birthday Nana!

    Today is my Nana’s Birthday and I can’t tell you how happy we all are to be able to wish her a happy one and celebrate with her. What a blessing she is to our whole family every day.

    Please join me in wishing Jack’s favorite Lady and just about

    everyone else’s a very

    Happy Birthday!

    We Love You Nana!


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    Happy 17th Dear Twins!!

    Happy 17th Birthday Dear Twins!! I can’t believe I’m actually writing that number. As I do, of course I’m telling myself not to cry but looking at these pictures from our trip to Disney World when you were just 3 years old it’s hard not to think of that as just yesterday and not tear up.

    But I (well, we, both Dad and I) turn and look at you now and marvel at the young man and young woman you have become and we can only wonder at the truly amazing adults you will one day be. We are very proud of you both and blessed every day to have you in our lives.

    Here is it only a few words down and yes, the tears are flowing freely. Sorry, guys, I can’t stop them. All I have to do is think of the never ending love I have for you both and my heart overflows. If there could be one thing I would change in this life. It would be to go back to just a few of these very precious days and slow them down a bit. So that I could hold you both tighter on that day. And tell you I love you just one more time to add to my tally.

    Happy Birthday K & W! Enjoy the next chapter on the Journey Into Your Imagination.


    Love Forever,

    Mom and Dad

    & That funny dog Jack too!