happy birthday

Happy Birthday Nana!

You should all be so lucky to have a Nana like I have.

A grandmother who is grand is every sense of the word. Today we are blessed and full of joy to be once again wishing her a very happy birthday. And I’m glad to be sharing one of my favorite pictures from an old Mc Donald’s birthday party that I think my kids ( they are the little ones in the vests) had or it could have been one of the others I really don’t know. But as usual all the children flocked around Nana and ambushed her. Here she is with her hand on her head saying something like, “Lord let me just catch my breath and I’ll get to all of you.” And she always did. Sometimes taking care of many more children than that by herself in her home for working mothers.

And like Dr. Seuss whose birthday she shares all the kids flock to her.

We love you Nana! Have a great Birthday!

Kwana, DH, DD, DS and Jack


  • Joyce

    Happy Birthday Nana!! Wishing you a day full of sunshine, wishes to come true and lots of cake!! Kwana is lucky to have such a wonderful and beautiful woman in her life. I consider myself lucky cuz she shares bits and pieces of you. 🙂 hugs…

  • Jamal Minatee

    Happy Birthday Nana!!! I have so many wonderful memories of spending summers with you and papa. You have enriched my life more than I could ever express with simple words. I hope you had a great birthday and I look forward to being able to visit with Jack and the new baby. I love you dearly!!!

  • pve

    A day late, but popping in here in hopes that you had a splendid birthday surrounded by those you love and who love you!
    I feel so blessed to know you.