happy birthday,  my view

42… did I say that out loud?

Well Happy Birthday to me today and yes, I am saying the number out loud.

It’s a very grown up sounding number to me. Something to own up to. The type of number that says I should have my crap together or at least be pretty much well on my way to having it together. Right? Ugh, see that ‘right’ I just added in there? I’m feeling like with the number 42 that questionable ‘right?’ should not have been included.  At this point it could be all ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ‘I got this’. And for the most part I do. Right? Ugh there I go again! LOL.

Oh heck. This morning I’m 42 and still the same old me. Though eyes a little wider open, seeing myself clearly for the blessed wife, mother, friend, daughter, writer, woman that I am. At 42.



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