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    Strictly Professional… and interview with author Christina Jones

    I’m so happy to have an interview with new author Christina Jones on ye old blog today. Christina is a talented author, blogger who is also a busy working wife and mom. It’s a treat to get to pick her brain for a few moments.

    Hi Christina thanks so much for being here on ye old blog today. It’s a real pleasure. First off can you tell us a bit about your current work?

    My latest work, Strictly Professional is the story of a 20-something, Gabi, who is trying her best to gain her independence and make her mark on the world, despite the efforts of her family and a (quite frankly) crazy ex.  In the midst of this, she develops a crazy level of chemistry with someone (Terrence) that it’s probably not a very good idea to become romantically involved with.  On the other side, we have Terrence, who is very focused on his career, and definitely not looking for love.  They both have to decide if they’re willing to risk not only their hearts, but their careers in order to pursue what could be happily every after.


    Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

    I’ve always known that I had a passion for writing, and storytelling, but I did not know that I wanted to be a writer. I started out writing in long hand, back in high school.  I would put together these folders of stories, and pass them around amongst my class.  There was a situation where someone I really cared about wasn’t supportive of it, and I stopped writing for a long time.  I actually hadn’t written in years, and started back up on a whim, writing fan fiction, just as a way to put my work out there, and get feedback from other people.  Then, I found out that I could publish my own work, and I just decided “Hey, I’m gonna write a novel!” So I did.

    Wow good for you, going for it and putting yourself out there. That’s brave! Do you feel your works are more character or plot driven?

    I feel like my work is definitely more character driven.  Before I even put a single word on the page, I get to know my character.  What motivates them, what makes them happy, what pisses them off, etc.  Once I know them well, I’m confident in putting their story down on the page, and I won’t change my character to fit something that I want to happen in the story.  It’s not my story, it’s theirs!

    What made you choose this genre to write in?

    I chose my genre (Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction) because it is one of my favorite genres to read.  The other genre is Fantasy, and I am absolutely not equipped right now for the type of detail and world-building that goes into Fantasy!  I love to be able to escape into a book with characters and situations that I can relate to, and I want to create that type of feeling for other people.

    Tell us a bit about your writing schedule. Are you a Plotter or a Pantser?

    I am absolutely a Pantser!  I have a graphic design business, two small children, a husband, and I’m in college full time, so during the semester, I just have to get in where I fit in!  Anytime I can grab thirty minutes here, an hour there, I take it and do what I can.  I’m definitely more productive during the short breaks from school.

    LOL so just a little busy. Thanks so much for taking the time to be with us today. Lastly, what can readers expect next from you?

    My latest WIP is going to be a bit more fast-paced and fun that Strictly Professional.  It’s a story of two sisters, and their struggles with family, career, and of course relationships.  These women are in their 30s, so it will be a little more grown up as well.  It’s untitled as of now, and I have no idea when I’ll finish, but I’m hoping I’ll be done and ready to start on the second part to Strictly Professional by this Summer.

    Once again thanks for being here. It was a real treat and a pleasure!

    Readers you can find Christina at these sites just a few clicks away.


    Blog- www.beingmrsjones.com

    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BeingMrsJones

    Twitter – www.twitter.com/beingmrsjones

    And your can pick up your copy of Strictly Professional here.

    All the best,


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    Scribbling for a Cause

    Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The temperature is still set to Brrr here in the Northeast. Though I know we’re still firmly in Winter I’m starting to have long Summer daydreams where all the scenes in my head feature warm breezes, open toed shoes and guys who don’t care all that much for shirts. Time to get to writing.

    And speaking of writing today I’m beyond the moon to announce the sale of Scribbling Women and the Real Life Heroes Who Love Them. I am so thrilled and honored to be one of the writers asked to be in this anthology where for the first time I’m not writing fiction, but giving a glimpse into my own real life romance (one word: Spooning)  and I’m doing it for a wonderful cause. Here is a bit about Scribbling Women:

    Scribbling Women_FC_300

    In Scribbling Women and the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them, twenty-eight popular romance fiction writers  reveal their real-life stories of how they met, wed and love—and are loved and supported by—their spouses and life partners. At times whimsical and laugh-out-loud funny, at others poignant and bittersweet, all unfailingly inspiring, each essay celebrates that most powerful and sacred of human bonds: love.

    Happily Ever After isn’t only the stuff of romance novels and fairy tales. It is every woman’s birthright.

    All net sales of the anthology support Win (www.winnyc.org)

    You can pick up your copy of Scribbling Women at these major E-tailers: Kindle, Nook & Smashwords


    I hope you enjoy!

    All the best,








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    Cheers to Romance!


    Happy new week! I can’t believe we’re now well into December, it’s feeling like the end of the year wants to go out on a quick flash instead of a slow burn. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a slow down right about now. Just to savor the end a little.

    I had a wonderful weekend, heading into the city to meet with my RWA NYC chapter for our annual end of year holiday brunch which, as always was lovely and so much fun to relax with my old and new writerly NYC friends.  Well, this year’s brunch will be one that I will always cherish and never forget as I got the shock of all shocks when our wonderful president, Maria Ferrer stood to handle end of year business, announce the new board and then to finally announce the chapter’s member of the year, which I almost fell over when the name was called and it was … ME!

    Talk about humbled and grateful. Writing is such a solitary career and for me to have found such a talented and supportive group of like minded friends and fellow colleagues that I can call on makes me feel truly blessed. I will cherish my RWA service pin always. Thank you RWA/NYC with all my heart!

    rwa nyc

    And then to top it all off another fabulous thing happened this weekend when my 2nd book: Seduction’s Canvas was one of 12 Crimson Romance books picked as part of the Amazon Big Deal and are on sale from now until December 22nd for only $.99! Just click to the link on the right for Seduction!  Cheers to romance!


    seduction ad 3


    All the best,


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    Look Through Monday!

    Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was a lovely one here in New York, though I spent much of it indoors and at the keyboard. The breeze was nice through my window signaling that autumn is on the way. But wait, in a last hold onto the summer breeze today my debut novel THROUGH THE LENS in a Kindle Daily Deal on Amazon and for one day only on sale for 99 cents! So if you haven’t gotten your copy, today is THE perfect day to finally take that peek THROUGH THE LENS. Don’t miss out!

    Through The Lens 3


    All the best,

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    Putting these words on repeat after a weekend full of amazing highs and such low lows. I got to see love fulfilled when I attended the wedding of good friends where I toasted and danced and made merry with so many that I love. But then later that evening to turn around and see justice denied had me going to bed with a heavy heart to a restless night’s sleep. Though as the mother of young black teens it was not my first and I daresay it won’t be my last. But one thing I know is it takes some valley walking to get to the base of that mountain and start your climb. So climb I shall. Climb we all shall. It’s been done before.

     Here’s to the week ahead.



    All the best,


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    Double Trouble, Vampire Style… guest post with author Liv Rancourt

    Don’t you love that post title? Well I can’t take credit because today I’m delighted to have a friend and fellow CR author, the super talented Liv Rancourt here on ye old blog to talk about something new and exciting she’s up to. And with True Blood starting for the summer, what a perfect time to talk about Vampires, don’t you agree? Take it away Liv!


    Thanks so much for having me as your guest, Kwana! I’m very happy to be here.

    Something about the summer months just squeals “vampire” to me, which is actually kind of funny, since I live in Seattle where, at this time of year, the sun doesn’t set till ten o’clock at night.

    It can be pretty limiting for a vampire.

    Maybe it’s the annual onset of True Blood that does it, though even before that, Charlaine Harris released a new book every May, setting us all up for a summer of vampire adventures. Either way, at this time of year, I’m all about the undead.

    So when I signed on for the Summer Book Crush event, I offered my novella A Vampire’s Deadly Delight for sale. Just FYI, from 6/26 – 6/28, a bunch of authors have their books marked down to $0.99. Check HERE for the main sale site.

    VDD front cover

    It’s all about the summer crush angle, and every book has a hero who’s definitely crush-worthy. Deadly Delight has two! Kristen’s an ordinary bookstore owner who becomes the hostess for a vampire-slaying djin named Jai. As soon as she smells vampire – dead meat left too long in the cupboard with some dirt and paprika mixed in – Kristen turns into Jai, and mayhem ensues – for the vampire, anyway. It’s all a lot of fun until they run into the one vampire Jai can’t kill.

    Sir John’s been around four hundred or so years, and he’s played dangerously hot games with Jai for longer than any of us can remember. The problem is, she can’t remember anything before she (literally) moved in with Kristen. She senses his incredible power and her body responds to his blonde-god good looks, but bringing her back to herself is a true test of his love and loyalty.

    In the meantime, Kristen finally goes on a date with someone who gets her. Corey’s her age and has a pulse. He’s the kind of guy who shaves his whole head to cover a receding hairline, and though it takes her a while to convince him she’d rather communicate in person instead of via text messages and email, they laugh at the same things, which will carry you pretty far.

    In the end, Kristen has to choose between continuing as Jai’s hostess or taking on a real-life role as Corey’s girlfriend. She could have a little vicarious lovin’ with a seriously hot vampire, or see what it’s like to play house with an actual man.

    You know I’m not going to give it away here, so you’ll have to read the story to see which one she chooses. But what about you? Would you rather entertain an ageless, incredibly handsome undead lover, or date a guy who’d throw on a pair of hiking boots and take you up the trail? Do you dream about the kind of man who drives a black Volvo with leather interior, or the one driving a late-model Jeep Cherokee with a roof rack for bikes?

    I know which one I’d choose.


    Okay, I know me and I’d take the Volvo over the hike. I’m comfort all the way. LOL. Thanks so much for being here Liv what great fun!

    Liv #2


    Liv Rancourt writes paranormal and romance, often at the same time. She lives with her husband, two teenagers, two cats and one wayward puppy. She likes to create stories that have happy endings, and finds it is a good way to balance her other job in the neonatal intensive care unit. Liv can be found on-line at her website & blog (www.livrancourt.com), on Facebook (www.facebook.com/liv.rancourt), or on Twitter (www.twitter.com/LivRancourt).


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    Blooming Monday!

    Happy Monday! I’m hoping you had a lovely weekend. I sure did. It was a proud one as I saw my DD receive her Associates degree in liberal arts this weekend. This is what I hope is her first higher learning degree as she is going right onto continue her studies for her bachelors next semester. It was blooming smiles all around even if it was a tad drizzly. Nothing could dampen our spirits.


    And speaking of good spirits… we have a winner in my Get Ready For Seduction Giveaway! The lucky winner is… Vanessa N! Thanks Vanessa and thanks so much to you all who entered. And please remember that Seduction’s Canvas will be out on May 27th and you can pre-order it now. You can also get an exclusive sneak peek over at Heroes and Heartbreakers right now.

    Have a great start to your week!


    All the best,


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    Happy Birthday My Dear DH!

    Happy Birthday to you my dear DH and truly this is a day to celebrate and celebrate big

    because after 24 years of love and joy,

    I still get to sing “and many more” to the hero of my own Happily Ever After!

    will diner C


    with all my love,


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    Hair of the dog…

    Hey peeps.

    So it’s Friday and I’m nursing my Scandal hangover. Here is a bit of the hair of the dog and all that. If you want a peek at what has me so knocked out you can check my recap and all my pearl clutching moments over at my recap for Heroes and Heartbreakers. Head on over there for some juicy Scandal chat. In the meantime… I need more coffee.


    All the best,



    P.S. for a limited time I see that Through The Lens is on Sale in paperback over at Amazon. Snag it while it’s hot. And don’t forget, my next book drops May 27th. Whee!!


    Image fm here

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    Fill ‘er up!

    Happy Monday! I’m going deep into book 2 edit mode this week, so just popping in to say hello as I shuffle off to grab, yet another,cup of coffee. I hope you all are doing swell! Did you have a great weekend? Are you reading anything fabulous? See any good movies? What about that Scandal last week? Major! I didn’t announce it here, but feel free to check out my recap over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. What a ride that show is. Are you all watching any Housewives this season? I’m into ATL and Beverly Hills though light on The Hills ladies. Ok, break over I must get rid of a few more commas and exclamation points!! Oops, there I go again. Have a good one.

    All the best,



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