Fill ‘er up!

Happy Monday! I’m going deep into book 2 edit mode this week, so just popping in to say hello as I shuffle off to grab, yet another,cup of coffee. I hope you all are doing swell! Did you have a great weekend? Are you reading anything fabulous? See any good movies? What about that Scandal last week? Major! I didn’t announce it here, but feel free to check out my recap over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. What a ride that show is. Are you all watching any Housewives this season? I’m into ATL and Beverly Hills though light on The Hills ladies. Ok, break over I must get rid of a few more commas and exclamation points!! Oops, there I go again. Have a good one.

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  • kay rogal

    Hi, Kwana! I watched the reunion last night. Do you think Kyle and Kim are the problem starters? 🙂

    ATL is not the same without Kim :-).

    Have a great day!