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    Happy Birthday Ma!

    Happy birthday to my wonderful, amazing, irreverent, smart, beautiful, you can clearly run out of adjectives to describe… MOM!



    “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. “
    – Agatha Christie


    Love You Forever,

    Kwana and the gang



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    42… did I say that out loud?

    Well Happy Birthday to me today and yes, I am saying the number out loud.

    It’s a very grown up sounding number to me. Something to own up to. The type of number that says I should have my crap together or at least be pretty much well on my way to having it together. Right? Ugh, see that ‘right’ I just added in there? I’m feeling like with the number 42 that questionable ‘right?’ should not have been included.  At this point it could be all ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ‘I got this’. And for the most part I do. Right? Ugh there I go again! LOL.

    Oh heck. This morning I’m 42 and still the same old me. Though eyes a little wider open, seeing myself clearly for the blessed wife, mother, friend, daughter, writer, woman that I am. At 42.



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    Feeling Lucky?

    Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day today! Here’s hoping you get Lucky!


    Today I’m hosting knitting and we’re having a duel birthday celebration for two very good friends. Please join me in wishing

    Happy Birthday to our born on St. Paddy’s day girl Patricia of PVE Design and 



    a belated Happy Birthday to Sue of Tuck Shop by Snack Queen!

    Head on over to their blogs and give them a shout today. Tell em Kwana sent you. Let the party begin…


    And speaking of lucky, we have a winner of the Scandalous Women giveaway. Thanks to Random.org the winner is….

    Holly Wright! Holly please email me your info and I will be sure to pass it on to get the book to you.



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    Happy Birthday Nana!

    Today is my Nana’s Birthday and I can’t tell you how happy we all are to be able to wish her a happy one and celebrate with her. What a blessing she is to our whole family every day.

    Please join me in wishing Jack’s favorite Lady and just about

    everyone else’s a very

    Happy Birthday!

    We Love You Nana!


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    Happy 17th Dear Twins!!

    Happy 17th Birthday Dear Twins!! I can’t believe I’m actually writing that number. As I do, of course I’m telling myself not to cry but looking at these pictures from our trip to Disney World when you were just 3 years old it’s hard not to think of that as just yesterday and not tear up.

    But I (well, we, both Dad and I) turn and look at you now and marvel at the young man and young woman you have become and we can only wonder at the truly amazing adults you will one day be. We are very proud of you both and blessed every day to have you in our lives.

    Here is it only a few words down and yes, the tears are flowing freely. Sorry, guys, I can’t stop them. All I have to do is think of the never ending love I have for you both and my heart overflows. If there could be one thing I would change in this life. It would be to go back to just a few of these very precious days and slow them down a bit. So that I could hold you both tighter on that day. And tell you I love you just one more time to add to my tally.

    Happy Birthday K & W! Enjoy the next chapter on the Journey Into Your Imagination.


    Love Forever,

    Mom and Dad

    & That funny dog Jack too!

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    Happy Birthday Jack!

    I had a wonderful and inspirational time in NJ over the weekend at the NJ RWA Put You Heart In a Book Conference (we won’t talk about how many times I got turned around driving in NJ. I think it’s my mental NJ block). I’ll write more on it later when I’m fully functioning and awake.

    But for today it’s special celebration time because it is everyone’s favorite bad little dog’s 4th birthday today. Join me in saying…Happy 4th Birthday Jack!!!


    Much love and treats to you. Thanks for all the excitement.


    The Family!

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    Let the Side Show Begin

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is not feeling well today which makes me sad but I’m afraid it’s his own fault since while I was out at the Nate show he took the opportunity to get into a box of Fiber One bars. That meant throwing up in the middle of the night for Jack in hall and on the couch and just… Ugh! Poor Jack and poor DH who got up with him and poor me who is still cleaning up today. Fun, uh, not.

    Now I had a great time at The Nate Berkus Show. Sure It would have been fun if it was Oprah like and announced that it was blogger show day but you can’t have it all. Nate was just as cute as he is on TV. He did a nice Q and A with us after the taping and we got a scarf and a gift card from Payless as a parting gift. Go BOGO! Though I’d still love a Nate makeover anytime. Hey Nate I’m just up the road and need all sorts of help. Holla. Thanks.

    A big thrill for this PR lover was seeing guest Christian Siriano. You know this girl was giddy over that part. Look for me in the audience in the gold (yikes) with the huge goofy grin (natch). BTW I’m totally afraid of how I’ll look on camera. I swear it felt like the camera was in my face all the time and all I wanted to do was scratch my nose. If I’m on camera I’m sure I’ll look quite dorkish. I’m sort of hoping I’m not so I can keep my nice distorted imago of myself just a little longer.

    Ahh well. Look for me,because, yes it’s all about me, in the audience on The Nate Berkus Show, the one with Dressing from your closet with Christian, and Home Make Overs by Shopping your house.

    Now the best part of the day for me was meeting so many wonderful bloggers whose blogs I drool over every day. What a time that was! Bloggers came from all over the country and many from Canada. There was also a fab after party put on my THE NEST magazine way downtown. What a great night out. I will post more ye bloggers and pics tomorrow.

    Finally. Let’s all say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MA!!!

    Happy Birthday MA! All of you out there who know me or stop by often know how wild, unpredictable and fab my mother is. She is one you can’t hold down. You never know when she’ll show up or what color hair she’ll be sporting when she does. This oldie but goodie goes out to Ms. Kay! She always lovs a good side show. Love ya Ma!



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    Happy Birthday Megan!


    Happy Birthday to my PIC (partner in crime) Megan!!

    Megan is my wonderful critique partner, but more importantly she’s my friend and partner in all things snark and writing suffrage. Megan is kind and generous with her praise as well as being there with that kick in the butt when I need it too in order to get to the next word. She’s one of the smartest writers I know with the, hands down, best catalog of music.  

    On top of all that she has great taste in men…

    and she can rock a vintage 70’s frock like nobody’s business while rocking out to Afrika Bambaataa.


    Happy Birthday PIC! Wishing you the best year ever! Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to Megan.

    Love ya,


    dress from here. Megan may want to pick it up.