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    BOUNCE Whistle Wetter…

    Howdy folks! Just popping in from WIP land and saying hi. H! 🙂

    Today, well tonight, depending on when you’re reading this I thought I’d put up a little Whistle Wetter just to give you a taste from a scene from BOUNCE my indie contemporary romance which I’m happy to say will soon be available in POD so check back for details on that real soon. Meanwhile here is a scene from BOUNCE…

    Bounce ad 3

    He reaches for me.

    “Hey, I know you’re up. Don’t be mad, okay? I know I should have been home earlier or called,” he says in a sheepish voice.

    “I’m not mad. I just would have liked to have had you here tonight.”

    “Really?” His question is clear but still he goes on as if I really need him to dig any deeper. Pick at the scab. “Because it seems lately you don’t want me around. So what’s so different about tonight?” He moves back onto his own pillows and I’m suddenly chilled. Can’t tell if it’s his tone or the distance. But I know he’s right. Even when I want him around, I don’t really. I’ve become my own deserted island.

    I sit up in the bed and turn to him. “Well, you know I missed most of Zach’s game. It was because I was in with Mr. Dunlap. Today he practically guaranteed that I’d be made partner at this year’s annual meeting. I wanted you here so I could share it with you.”

    Sean sits upright in the bed and turns on the light. His smile is genuine and for the first time in a long time there is a softness and an easiness between us that is unplanned and unforced. He reaches out and hugs me and for a second I sink into him. His strength and his warmth – I’ve missed what this feels like. “Babe, that’s great. I know how much you wanted it.”

    When I pull back and don’t respond Sean looks at me with questioning eyes. “This is what you wanted, right?”

    I’m looking around trying to find something to focus on except Sean’s confusion. The blanket’s tone on tone pattern takes on a new fascination. “Bree?” Sean asks, pulling me back to his question. “This is what you wanted?”

     “Yeah, I guess, well, I don’t know,” I mumble, suddenly embarrassed at how weak I sound.

    Sean lets out a long breath and sits up straighter. “You don’t know? Bree, I don’t understand you. It seems that nothing is satisfying to you lately. Not even the promotion you said you wanted for so long. The one you worked so hard for.” He rakes his hands through his short tight curls. “I thought things were fine. I thought things were going good again.” His voice grows louder as he goes on and a breathless anxiety comes over me. Threatening my edgy nerves. Hell, I thought I was all right too. At least it’s what I always tell myself. Speaking is half of believing right? But judging by the constant knots in my stomach, things are just not all right.

    But everything should be. It all really should be. I’m about to have it all.

    I give Sean a weak smile and pull him towards me. I kiss him deeply. And I can feel the immediate surprise course though his body. But the surprise doesn’t stop him and it doesn’t take much to get him going. He instantly falls into action, running his large hands up and down my back. Kissing my neck then trailing his tongue down toward my breasts.


    Have you BOUNCED yet?


    All the best,



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    Hello Monday, What brings you here?

    See me trying to be nice with that lovely “hello” though I’m darned near loopy enough to growl as I write this at 2:46AM after a weekend of Bat Cave copyediting. There I go looking up at the clock and BAM! I’m hit by Monday morning. Can I get a re-wind?

    Can I also get a forklift to get me off this basement couch and up my stairs to my bed? How did you spend this weekend? I hope unlike me you got outdoors and maybe took in some fresh air or are you in need of a forklift too and maybe that extra cup of coffee.



    Have a fantastic Monday!

    Oh and just a reminder my BOUNCE giveaway is still going on. Have you entered yet?

    Had to add a little edit here as it’s now 9:30 and I’m just blinking my eyes open to find out about BOUNCE getting an fantastic review on the USA Today HEA blog! This Monday is looking up! You can check out the review here


    All the best,



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    I’m Coming Out!

    Happy Friday! Well we’ve made it through another week. Thanks so much for the well wishes on my January cover for THREADS OF DESIRE.

    I really appreciate it.


    Here’s a little Friday Flashback to celebrate the end of the week and to give a hint and let you know that a little something something BIG is coming soon from KMJ!…. I’m coming out! To be continued….






    All the best,


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    Threads of Desire… Cover Reveal!

    Cue the horns and grab your confetti the time is here! It’s the big cover reveal for my final book in my Crimson Romance self proclaimed Creative Hearts series called: THREADS OF DESIRE due out at the end of January 2014.

    In this book we meet, Gabby the sexy, sassy and curvy fashion designer who just so happens to be the best friend to Samara my heroine from SEDUCTION’S CANVAS. Being a former fashion designer myself, I can’t wait to bring you into Gabby’s world.

    And now a bit about THREADS OF DESIRE:

    Sexy, fashionista Gabrielle Russell has been challenging Nick Ross most of his life and now is no exception. A top financial analyst, Nick has been dating his boss’s daughter and he’s on the fast track to turning his five-year marathon into a three-year sprint. But life throws him a curve and when he finds his perfect girlfriend curled up in a very un-zen like position with her yoga instructor. Faced with this awkward downward dog, Nick heads to the only place he can think of—his brother Steve’s place—only to be stuck face to hips, thighs, lips, just about everything with his roommate, Gabby. She’s the habit Nick just can’t shake. The one that got away and she won’t let him forget it. 

    Gabrielle Russell is frustrated. She’s been banging it out for years as a curvy girl trying to make her creative mark the exclusive world of New York fashion and she’s hit a brick wall both personally and professionally. Now stuck in a dead end job designing jersey pantsuits for wannabe mafia wives while dodging the advances of her boss’s son, she doesn’t know how to get out of the hole she’s dug for herself. At least she has a bit of peace in the small apartment she shares with her childhood friend and roommate, Steve. 

    Or she did until Nick Ross walked in. Mr. Perfection and her own devastation, the one that broke her heart and almost broke her spirit, and now here he’s back and looking for a place to camp out while he gets his life back on track. Well, she’s got news for him: She’s not the same girl she was all those years ago when just a look would send her heart stuttering. Okay, maybe she is, but now maybe it’s time the tables were turned on the unflappable Nick Ross.



    And here it is…..


    Threads of Desire cover Final


    All the best,



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    Cheers to Romance!


    Happy new week! I can’t believe we’re now well into December, it’s feeling like the end of the year wants to go out on a quick flash instead of a slow burn. I wouldn’t mind a bit of a slow down right about now. Just to savor the end a little.

    I had a wonderful weekend, heading into the city to meet with my RWA NYC chapter for our annual end of year holiday brunch which, as always was lovely and so much fun to relax with my old and new writerly NYC friends.  Well, this year’s brunch will be one that I will always cherish and never forget as I got the shock of all shocks when our wonderful president, Maria Ferrer stood to handle end of year business, announce the new board and then to finally announce the chapter’s member of the year, which I almost fell over when the name was called and it was … ME!

    Talk about humbled and grateful. Writing is such a solitary career and for me to have found such a talented and supportive group of like minded friends and fellow colleagues that I can call on makes me feel truly blessed. I will cherish my RWA service pin always. Thank you RWA/NYC with all my heart!

    rwa nyc

    And then to top it all off another fabulous thing happened this weekend when my 2nd book: Seduction’s Canvas was one of 12 Crimson Romance books picked as part of the Amazon Big Deal and are on sale from now until December 22nd for only $.99! Just click to the link on the right for Seduction!  Cheers to romance!


    seduction ad 3


    All the best,


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    Oh yeah, I’m bad!

    Happy New Week and Happy December! I hope all who were celebrating had a great Thanksgiving and a Happy Hanukkah. My Thanksgiving was lovely and full of Turkey and fun, though also quite full of my book 3 edits which I’m happy to report after a grueling process are now done and sent off to my editor.

    This was a killer round that I times made me want to throw up my hands and throw in the towel. Thankfully I didn’t do that. I took that towel and cleaned my glasses with it, wiped my brow & rolled up my sleeves and got in there and got it done. Dreaming is easy but making it happen is gonna cost you.

    Go me! I’m giving myself a high five for that one.  Who knows what the next round of edits will bring, but at this point I’m living victory by victory. So whoo hoo!

    Tina Fey giving herself high five Liz Lemon Gives Herself a High Five


    And congrats to Roxy for her win in Lena Hart’s giveaway. Roxy please send me your info so Lena can send you your prize! Thanks to all who entered 🙂


    All the best,



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    Flipping the Script

    I have gotten my edits back from my lovely editor on my final book in my Crimson trilogy and to say my head is spinning right now is a huge understatement. I have to keep cleaning my glasses to see the black left on the pages through all the red at this point (yes I know a necessary evil but still, WAAAA!). So to that I will be a little MIA for a bit while I clear the fog in my brain, try to flip colors and turn my frown upside down to bring some order and control back to this story. See you on the other side and I hope your week is fantastic.

    Mood Balloons


    All the best,




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    Scribing New

    After working in Word for all of my books (and all of my near books) I have long been jealous of my writing buds who smoothly tout the benefits of working with the writing program Scrivener. They talk about how they don’t have to writer linearly, how they divide and then compile their scenes, how they can color code their scenes however they want and outline their work right there on their computer and so much more. Yeah, I was mad jelly. But you see I had Scrivener on my computer and I tried the program, but my hard to retrain brain just couldn’t get around the program.


    Well, last week my good friend, super talented writer and it turns out computer wiz, Laura K. Curtis came by to help take me out of the ‘Dummie’ stage in my long Scrivener quest.


    After her patiently going over and over how to insert files, add new files, label postcards and explaining ‘The Inspector’ (what is that again?) I’m honestly nowhere near what you would call an expert…

    But maybe I can now call myself a Novice as opposed to a Dummie. Hey, as long as I remember to keep hitting save every few minutes and just keep writing I should be a Novice plus in about 2 years or 3 books. Whichever comes first.


    Tell me are you trying to tackle learning anything new or have you done so after doing it the same old way for so long?


    All the best,


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    A Case of The Mondays

    Hey folks. Seems I’ve got a serious ‘case of the Mondays’ over here as I’ve had no real Saturday or Sunday in I don’t know how long with edits flowing over into the weekends and writing going nonstop full-stop. I think I have to do a lot better with scheduling a little downtime so that I have little relaxation time to myself. Right about now I see a Tuesday and a Wednesday coming up mid-November. Yep, a case of the Mondays for sure. Or maybe it’s the Thursdays. I don’t know.  Either way these Office Space clips make me laugh and hey you have to laugh.


    Tell me how do you handle the work, life, family balance thing. Anybody out there having it all?


    All the best,