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Hello Monday, What brings you here?

See me trying to be nice with that lovely “hello” though I’m darned near loopy enough to growl as I write this at 2:46AM after a weekend of Bat Cave copyediting. There I go looking up at the clock and BAM! I’m hit by Monday morning. Can I get a re-wind?

Can I also get a forklift to get me off this basement couch and up my stairs to my bed? How did you spend this weekend? I hope unlike me you got outdoors and maybe took in some fresh air or are you in need of a forklift too and maybe that extra cup of coffee.



Have a fantastic Monday!

Oh and just a reminder my BOUNCE giveaway is still going on. Have you entered yet?

Had to add a little edit here as it’s now 9:30 and I’m just blinking my eyes open to find out about BOUNCE getting an fantastic review on the USA Today HEA blog! This Monday is looking up! You can check out the review here


All the best,



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