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Ch-ch-ch-Changes… Happy Birthday Dear Twins!

So it happened…

 No matter what my feelings or your father’s. No, we couldn’t slow it down or stop time.

The teenage years are done and twenty is here.

Happy 20th Birthday My dear, Our Dearest Twins!


On this day our wish for you is the same as it’s been since the very first. For you both to be full of happiness, and peace, to be safe and live a life full of love and joy. To continue to do your best as you go out in the world and reach for the stars.

All we ask in return is that you cut us some slack and know that, though you’re truly young adults, for as long as we live you’ll be our babies and the two most precious people in the world to us. Continue to make us as proud as we are today.

babies a

Changes… yep, they happen and we can’t change that just like you can’t change our love.


Love forever,

Mom & Dad


P.S. Check out my DD’s (Little Twin B) Next semester Paris Dreams here and wish her luck and she goes on her way!


  • Uncle Karl & Aunt Roxanne

    Happy Birthday Will and Kayla ! We’re so proud
    of you ! Can’t believe it’s been 20 years since
    we first held you in our arms ! Life is what you
    make it .. So enjoy it as much as you can because
    It goes by in a blink of an eye !!! Love you
    guys and enjoy !!!

    Love …. Uncle Karl & Aunt Roxanne !!