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    Goodbye and Hello…


    Goodbye Winter…


    Hello Spring!


    It’s been really real but I can’t say we’ll be sorry to see you go.

    Take your time coming back.

    All the best,

    KMJ & the Jackster


    P.S. there is still time to enter Sofia Tate’s giveaway from yesterday. A Winner will be drawn tomorrow.

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    Oh snow!

    Happy Monday! The DD has arrived in Paris and so begins a new chapter for her. Thanks for all the well wishes. Please join me in continuing to wish her well and safety.



    So now it’s Monday and time to crack that Monday whip. For some reason with both kids now settled and getting into their pursuits and studies I’m feeling like this is as re-start to the New Year for me. I’m making my to-do list and checking it twice. Time to really grind it out.


    But first…. I guess there is more snow to be shoveled. Both Jack and I are not amused (also someone needs a haircut. Spring please come soon).


    Wishing you a great day.

    All the best,


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    Being Jack

    I had to give Jack a bath yesterday as well as the rest of the house since he got up high and got into the dangerous leftover Halloween candy. I swear having Jack around is like having a very bad teen. I’m thinking I may finally need a liquor cabinet with a lock to keep the bread and chocolate away from him. Yep, he got into it all and ended up sick all over himself and the house. Nope, things have not been fun for the past few days. Not fun at all. But, thankfully we’ve made it through fresher and cleaner.




    And I’m glad to see in the end he’s thinking about his actions. Or maybe he’s plotting his next mission. Who knows?



    All the best,


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    Squeak on!

    Jack says (in his own Jackster way) a big thanks for all the birthday wishes here and on FB. For his birthday he got a fun new ducky gift (sorry for the bad pic) that was supposed to be extra durable. We was in love with it and then quickly became obsessed with finding the squeaker inside.


    The duck lasted all of 20 minutes before the squeaker was found and out. As you can see with Jack nothing is indestructible.

    He never gives up until he achieves his goal.

    We can learn a bit from the old Jackster.


    Wishing you an indestructible week filled with knocking out all your goals.

    All the best,


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    Happy Friday from Me and The Jackster

    Happy Friday Friends!


    We’ve made it through another week. Go us!

    I wanted to say a huge thank you. Once again, THROUGH THE LENS made the Crimson Romance top 5 books for the 2nd week in a row. I’m so thrilled about that. And as an added bonus the trailer for SEDUCTION’S CANVAS made the USA TODAY HEA column yesterday. You can click here to see it. What a thrill! Also it’s finally here…. SEDUCTION’S CANVAS is not available in PRINT as well as e-form. So you hand sold it and feel it and read it any way you like! Order your PRINT copy today!

    Seduction brushtroke - 3 sc-fb-3


    It’s been gorgeous early fall weather here in the Northeast (I hope just a beautiful where you are) and Jack and I got to spend quite a bit of time on the porch while I worked in the old WIP (I’m in the final stretch now). This weekend will be spent probably, not out in the sun while I work, but down in the basement Bat Cave where the hubs will occasionally bring me down a bite of something for nourishment. He knows that trying to coax me out will only cause the beast to growl.

    jack boo 2

    I’m thinking my little muse may be down there with me since he’s been out of sorts lately. Moping around, not really eating much and just blah. I have a feeling he’s eaten something he wasn’t supposed to on one of our walks and it’s gotten to his sensitive stomach.

    Here’s hoping we both make to Monday bright and shiny and new and with a story that sings. Jack and I are wishing you a happy weekend!

    jack boo 1


    All the best,


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    The Muse is Testy

    My deadline is looming and the Jackster is not having it with my futzing around and not getting this book finished. Here is when I tried stopped typing and put my laptop down thinking I’d just sneak off to the kitchen for a quick bite.  With that face, I quickly started up again and got in a few hundred more words before I slipped past him as he was snoozing and nabbed a snack.


    jack muse 1


    Have a good weekend. You know what I’ll be doing.


    All the best,


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    It may be Monday, but Jack doesn’t want to face it. He had too much fun over the weekend with his car rides and trips to the pet store and making cute new friends that have great taste in handbags. How can we blame him for being in denial?


    Jack collage


    Happy Monday!


    All the best,


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    The Jackster…

    …is saying hi. Wondering how you’re beating the heat. Cause he’s trying his best to stay cool and avoid the sun by chilling in the basement with the DH.




    All the best,

    KMJ & Jack