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Being Jack

I had to give Jack a bath yesterday as well as the rest of the house since he got up high and got into the dangerous leftover Halloween candy. I swear having Jack around is like having a very bad teen. I’m thinking I may finally need a liquor cabinet with a lock to keep the bread and chocolate away from him. Yep, he got into it all and ended up sick all over himself and the house. Nope, things have not been fun for the past few days. Not fun at all. But, thankfully we’ve made it through fresher and cleaner.




And I’m glad to see in the end he’s thinking about his actions. Or maybe he’s plotting his next mission. Who knows?



All the best,


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  • pve

    Is that what I need, a bath? I must admit to dipping into the treats myself. Maybe a lock down might be in order….or a bath. Love that mischievious Jackster.