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    … who knows how 26 years go by and the one you love barely changes in your eyes.

    But it happens and thank goodness we have these dates called anniversaries to take the time to mark the moments. To look back and plan forward.

    To hold hands and give thanks.

    And today I am thankful,

    for so much but mostly for being here… still…

    Anniversary 26 B

    …with you.


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    Happy Birthday Dear DH!

    Thank you all so much for all the kindness and well wishes over my big news yesterday. I was overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of love.

    Please join me today in wishing a very…


    Happy Birthday to my Dear DH! 

    will collage

    Always the hero in my heart.





    With love,


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    25 years and we’re just getting started…

    To my Lovie,

    When they ask me how,

    I don’t have the words…

    25th anniversary college

    All I know is how could I not?

    Loving you is the easiest thing I do.

    I’m truly blessed and pray to stay that way always.

    Thank you for this 25 and here is a pre-thank you for the years to come.



    With all my heart… forever,




    images fm us… 25th banner fm pinterest


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    A Golden Night

    It was truly the most Golden of nights. I can’t thank my fabulous RWA/NYC chapter enough for honoring me with this year’s Golden Apple award for Author of The Year. An award so amazing that I’m sure I’ll spend the rest of my life writing to feel like I’ve actually earned it. But hey, it’s in my house now and it has my name on it so I’m not giving it back. I’m going to write on, inspired by of the glow of this magical Golden Apple.

    Maybe I’ll stop sleeping with it and let the DH back into bed in a week or two? Maybe…

    GAA collage c

     Thanks once again to my RWA/NYC chaptermates and congrats to all the winners!


    All the best,


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    Ladies Night

    So this past Monday I had the honor of making my 2nd appearance at ever popular Lady Jane’s Salon. I was slated to appear with fellow novelists: Katana Collins, Sofia Tate and Alice Clayton. It was quite a line up and to say I was nervous was putting it mildly. Lady Jane founder, Hope Tarr invited me to read my contributed essay from Scribbling Women & The Real Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them. It was a packed house which included my DH front and center there to hear all my mushy words about him. Thankfully, I made it through and didn’t embarrass myself or my DH too much with my tale of spooning called Resting Easy and a wonderful time was had by all.

    scribbling women

    You can pic up your copy of Scribbling Women here and, bonus, all profits go to charity.

    Lady Janes 8-4


    here is a pic of all of us playing celebs and posing for the paps.

    L-R Alice Clayton, Katana Collins, Sofia Tate & Me!

    All the best,



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    Happy 22nd Anniversary DH!

    22 is such a lovely number.

    So much has passed between us  and yet still, so much is left to be read.

    11 + 11 full of mystery and possibilities

    Lucky for us

    2 + 2 adds up to…


    Love Forever,



    images from here

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    Adoring… happily

    What’s Jack up to? He’s very happy today because today is HIS BFF’s Birthday. But he’ll have to wait in line to give out some birthday cheer because before he was his BFF he was MINE.

    Yes, today is my DH’s birthday.

    Happy Birthday Lovey!!



    I always find this the hardest post of the year to write. What do I say after over 20 years that hasn’t already been said? ‘Happy Birthday’ are truly not strong enough words to express the magnitude of what I’m feeling and wishing for my dear DH today.

    So since the right words fail me (the writer-um, nice) when it comes to you. I’ll leave it to Prince because he was there from the beginning:

     “Until the end of time
    I’ll be there 4 u
    U own my heart and mind
    I truly adore u
    If god one day stroke me blind
    Your beauty i’d still see
    Love is 2 weak 2 define
    Just what u mean 2 me”


    Wishing you all the happiness in the world and then some more if I can grab it for you.

    With you I’ll get greedy.


    Love Always,



    Love from DS, DD and Jack too



    All you bloggy folks. Check me out tomorrow over here! Yay!!!!!