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Good Night Out

The other night was my book/drinks/mom’s night out night. The group is pretty much our knitting group, but on the road and at night.

And it was a gorgeous night as we gathered for drinks and food at, Half Moon, a restaurant on the Hudson with a great view of the river where you can see clear down to Manhattan on a good night.

So sorry for the blurry pic. The waiter had shaky hands.
A lot of you will recognize PVE in the center there.

As we discussed the book The Virgins Lover (which got a good review) then went on to family and other topics of night I got to thinking about how our group was about so much more than books or knitting, but about friendship and camaraderie in a way that was different from our immediate family. We talked and laughed well into the night and as table after table left, we just ordered refills on our coffee and kept the chatting going. Thanks for a fun night out Knisters!

For those of you playing the at home game our next book is Julie & Julia so it will be book and movie talk next month. Yay!

Do you have a little group that you meet up with for crafts or book talk?