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Take Me Out to The Ball Game

What’s Jack up to? Jack has not been happy with all the rain we’ve been having in New York. I have to practically pull him out the door for his walks. I hear you Jack. I’m not thrilled about it either dude.

Last night I got to go to the new Yankee Stadium with The DH and DS.

It was with mixed emotions that I went to the other side of the street abandoning the dear old Yankee Stadium of my youth. The one I used to walk across the 155st bridge to in the summer along with Nana, Mrs. George and a multitude of kids from the Harlem neighborhood where I spent every summer.

But times change and there I was in the new brightly lit stadium with my own excited son. Even though the Stadium was new, I’m happy to say the characters remained the same.

And a little romance in Beyond Heaving Bosoms at the game!

It was an exciting game with a crazy tie up in the pouring rain in the 8th inning which resulted in a rain delay. But sadly, the Yanks went on to lose in the 10th. I’m tired today.

Here I am in my fetching new Bronx Bombers Hat. I love it! Perfect for bad hair days and walking Jack.

I hope you have a great day.



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