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Shear Striaght

What’s Jack up to? He’s rocking out to Guitar Hero down in the basement as I’m typing this right now. Seems there’s no escaping it this summer since the DS in on some Guitar Hero quest. Sigh. Jack would like to go to sleep now and so would I.

On Shear Genus they have 1 hour to style the hair of women, some of whom have not cut it since maybe birth. And they are not allowed to cut any of it. Crazy. When judge Campbell used the word bridal on Charlie I thought he’d throw up in his mouth. Then he told Nicole she had six minutes and left could she take her style in another direction. As if?

Matthew was the winner of the challenge and he dedicated the win to his wife who he evidently styles hair with side by side. Everyone wanted to toast him, well suck up to him but Matt wanted none of it and had to be coaxed into the suckery.

Then for the elimination challenge it was red carpet hair and the stylists picked dresses before picking clients. Matthew took the opportunity to go on and on about how much he loves his wife again. We get it. You’re a male hair dresser, but you’re not gay. No need no say it again, Matthew. We’re not demanding video proof. It’s not that deep. If you say it a few more times I really won’t believe you.

Matthew got to pick the order of who would choose their dresses and Nicole and Glenn were picked last. We see you didn’t suck up properly the night before
Matthew mentions his wife again and now I’m getting skeptical. And he just called Charlie a b$tch which makes me even more skeptical. I must read David Dust’s take on this.

Daniel seems to have had too much coffee because he is way pumped up and nervous and making Rene nervous too. Eek.
The models have to walk out of a limo and down a red carpet in the daylight. Very unforgiving.

Glenn, Charlie and Gail are the top 3. The winner was…Charlie! What tha-! Again?

The bottoms are Nicole, Matthew and Paulo. The loser is…Matthew. His final words? Something about how much he loves his wife and can’t want to get home to shag, maybe? Blah, blah, blah. Now I’m really not believing his story and I can’t stop laughing. I’d better watch out for that bolt of lightning that’s sure to strike me any moment. Poor on the DL Matt. Buh-Bye.



The DS must have been reading my blog (see below) I’m deep into Highlander Bride at last night’s baseball game and what do I hear as he’s about to go up to bat in his Peter Brady hi-low voice but, “Mom, mom are you paying attention?” Sigh.
Oh boy was I in trouble. But he had a great game. 3 base hits and they won I think 12 to 4 or something like that. It’s me ya know. I could be wrong about the score, but they did win.