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I’m no soccer mom

What’s Jack up to? I’ve decided Jack has way too many stuffed toys. Every time I turn around he’s underfoot with another toy for me to play fetch. Who has who trained here?

I’m trying to come to terms with my soccer mom, well baseball mom, status. My DS is on a travel baseball team this summer that has me constantly up and down the road. Ugh! Now it may not win me any prizes, but I really no soccer mom. Most times when I’m at the field my nose is usually buried in a romance book or I’ve got my lap top out and I’m hiding in my car. I just don’t quite fit in with the other Ubermoms that know all the kid’s names and the stats and have extra waters, Gatorade and ice packs at the ready. I never quite have it that together. Sue me.

Oh well. We all have our gifts I guess. To that end on the way to a game the other day I was feeling very 80’s and played this for the DS over and over while I sang at the top of my lungs. He laughed and tied to out sing me.

I think for today’s game we may rock this (thanks Megan):

I may not be a baseball mom but I know good music. That should get me some points. Right?