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    The In Between

    Good day lovelies. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. So now here we are. Right smack in the beginning of the crazy patch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time to deck the halls, get your shop on, really all this means is time to WORK.

    For some of us it’s all the final week of NanoWrimo. Best of luck to all of you who were doing Nano this month. I hope you are nearing the end of your 50,000 words. I was doing my own “Not quite Nano” which didn’t quite pan out. But that’s ok, I still have this week and I’m not giving up just yet.


    What are you doing with your In between time?


    All the best,



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    And She Lived…

    Oh my goodness! Not only have I gotten my power (back as of last night), but I have a post up today on USA TODAY’s Happy Ever After Blog where at talk about some of the authors who have inspired me. Talk about a coolness moment, and whew, I’m so happy to be able to actually see it and you can see it too. Just click over here at the USA Today HEA Blog and please stay awhile. I think you’ll really like it there. Have a fantastic week!


    BTW… have you looked Through The Lens?


    All the best,



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    Keeping Calm…

    Hey there lovelies. I hope you are all well and dry. As I write this the wind is kicking up and as it posts who knows if I will still have power.

    Let’s just hope I do and you do too! Please join me and some other fantastic writers over at the fabulous Ondo Lady’s blog as we talk changes in the publishing industry.

    Stop on by here and meet some virtual new peeps.  Laters.

    All the best,



     [Update fm random Shoprite: I haz no power. Let’s hope it’s back soon. Last night was a rough and scary night. One that I don’t want to repeat any time too soon with limbs hitting the house and transformers sparking all around. Still I feel grateful to come out unscathed. Thoughts and prayers to all truly touched. Hang in there.]

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    Bursting Through!

    I wanted to give a cheer and a big thank you to all my friends and supporters today. See I’m bursting with excitement because this week I’ve made the Crimson Romance Top 5 Best Sellers List with Through the Lens.  Oh to the Ye-ah!!

     You can check the list here to see TTL and while you’re there please check out the other wonderful Crimson titles. You won’t be disappointed.



    Check out the Top Crimson Romance eBook titles! Get your copy today!

    1st. Prelude to a Seduction (Lotchie Burton, Spicy)

    2nd. Falling for You (Heather Thurmeier, Contemporary)

    Tied for 3rd:

    Love, Eternally (Morgan O’Neill, Paranormal)

    Through the Lens (K.M. Jackson, Contemporary)

    Tied for 5th:

    Love Grows in Winter (Stephanie James, Historical)

    Forgotten Dreams (Alexia Banks, Paranormal)

    Thank you all once again. Please continue to pass the word on and let’s take TTL to the TOP!


    All the best,



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    Hey Boy, Hey…


    Thanks Ryan. Here’s the link.





    Happy Friday and Thanks to Maureen McGowan  and the fab women of Drunk Writer Talk for reminding me that Ryan has our back.


    P to the S!

    I had to add this bit of joy that I was alerted to this morning. Please head on over to the fab Scandalicious Book Reviews and check out what she has to say about Through The Lens. 4 Stars! Full of Swoon. Oh yeah!! What a way to start out the weekend.


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    Putting Your Heart Into It…

    Happy Monday!

    And good afternoon thanks to some not so fun blog uploading problems today. I’m hoping you had a great weekend. This weekend I went to the New Jersey romance writers Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. What a great time I had and it was so inspirational. But then again I always find it inspirational when I get with so many writer ladies (and a the few writer men) at these conferences. I attended many informative workshops that had me feeling both empowered and gave me lots of room for thought on where I can improve both my craft and the business side of things especially now that I have my first book out, Through The Lens.

    And speaking of marketing Through The Lens, I was so happy that my first try at Goody Room swag was a success. I did these little bags with my postcard, some candy, a kaleidoscope and little camera that was all the DD’s idea. Yay! All my goodies got gone. Wait. Somehow that does not sound quite right but oh well. Now the DD is all ready to be my marketing manager. Hey, if it gives her a focus and a major than I’m all good with that.

    TTL Swag

    Below are a few pics and highlights from the weekend and the book signing. I wish I had more and I wish my cell camera was better. Sorry for the blurriness.

    Golden Leaf Award winner Dee Davis. Congrats Dee!

    RWA/NYC’s  Isabo Kelly and our newest little member on the way!

    RWA/NYC’s – Karen Cino

    Me and the fab Marie Force

    RWA/NYC’s Tanya Goodwin

    RWA/NYC’s Anna DePalo

    RWA/NYC’s Lena Hart

    And here should be the best pic of RWA/NYC’s Catherine Greenfeder.

    But I goofed and it’s all super blurry. Please take this pic of her newest release Wildflowers in it’s place. So pretty huh? Please check it out.

    Me and the lovely Angeline M. Bishop

    And now I’m hanging up my badge till next year. Thanks RWA NJ!

    All the best,




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    Keeping the Faith

    Happy Friday! Congrats, you’ve made it through another week. This weekend I’ll be attending the New Jersey Romance Writer’s Put Your Heart In a Book Conference. I’m so excited. It’s a wonderful conference that I’ve attended before but this will be my first time going a as published author myself with my own book to talk about Through The Lens so I’m a little nervous. It’s also my high school’s 25th, that’s right I said it, 25th reunion! I’m sorry to be missing it but wishing everyone all the best.  To that end I’m sending this hit from 1987 from the always well coiffed George Michel. So glad we held onto the Faith.


    All the best,


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    Gumbo Time!

    Good day tweets. Thanks for all the great comments yesterday from my Reading a Multicultural Life post. They were so appreciated and made gave me heart-warming conformation on those old life decisions.

    Today I’m hanging over with one of my favorite bloggers, Karla from Brown Girl Gumbo. Karla has the most fantastic lifestyle blog. Please stop by and check out the interview and then stay awhile and see what else she has brewing. You won’t be disappointed.

    Have a fantastic day!

    BTW I let it slip by me that yesterday with the 1 month-inversay for Through The Lens! Have you gotten your copy yet? Thanks to all of you who have given it a read and a kind word. I love you forever. And if you haven’t gotten a copy yet just look to the right and click. It’s easy peasy. Thanks!