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Bursting Through!

I wanted to give a cheer and a big thank you to all my friends and supporters today. See I’m bursting with excitement because this week I’ve made the Crimson Romance Top 5 Best Sellers List with Through the Lens.  Oh to the Ye-ah!!

 You can check the list here to see TTL and while you’re there please check out the other wonderful Crimson titles. You won’t be disappointed.



Check out the Top Crimson Romance eBook titles! Get your copy today!

1st. Prelude to a Seduction (Lotchie Burton, Spicy)

2nd. Falling for You (Heather Thurmeier, Contemporary)

Tied for 3rd:

Love, Eternally (Morgan O’Neill, Paranormal)

Through the Lens (K.M. Jackson, Contemporary)

Tied for 5th:

Love Grows in Winter (Stephanie James, Historical)

Forgotten Dreams (Alexia Banks, Paranormal)

Thank you all once again. Please continue to pass the word on and let’s take TTL to the TOP!


All the best,



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