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It’s Coming!

It’s Coming !


Did you hear me? Get to moving because it’s coming!!


So it seems everyone on the east coast, including alarmist me, are all up in arms over the impending Frankenstorm coming just in time to ruin Halloween for children everywhere. I’m preparing by taking care of the essentials like: extra batteries, extra cookies, full charge on my cell and of course a full charge on my e-reader and making sure I have enough books downloaded to get me though any weather.

If you are looking for a good read to take you away from the frightful weather might I suggest my own island getaway Through The Lens. Just look to your right and click on over on your favorite platform.

Have a great  weekend and please share what you will be doing to prepare for the week ahead in the comments.


All the best,



images thanks to the classic Young Frankenstein


  • Holley Trent

    I’m dreading the upcoming week. Small kids + a bunch of Halloween events. Neighbors warned us that if we didn’t buy $100 of candy, we were going to run out.

    We bought $20 worth. When it runs out, I’m shutting off the lights and putting in a DVD.

  • Ina in Alaska

    Stay safe!!! It looks like it’s going to be bad! Hope not. Get stuff that needs no refrigeration in case you lose power. Be careful, I will think positive thoughts for you.