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And She Lived…

Oh my goodness! Not only have I gotten my power (back as of last night), but I have a post up today on USA TODAY’s Happy Ever After Blog where at talk about some of the authors who have inspired me. Talk about a coolness moment, and whew, I’m so happy to be able to actually see it and you can see it too. Just click over here at the USA Today HEA Blog and please stay awhile. I think you’ll really like it there. Have a fantastic week!


BTW… have you looked Through The Lens?


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  • Ina in Alaska

    So glad your power is back on and you can begin to get back to normal! I know when we lost power back in Sept for 5 days it seemed like an eternity!

    Been following your experience on Twitter (and others). I cannot believe the magnitude of this storm and the devastation. Glad you made it thru ok. and poor Jack!!! Hope that crown can come off soon, poor baby. Please give us an update on Nana. xoxo

  • kwana

    Thanks so much Ina for following and checking up. Both Nana and my mother are in upper Manhattan and they were fine and had power. Both offering the house but we hung in here with Jack as we kept expecting it to be back at any moment but it was not.