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Putting Your Heart Into It…

Happy Monday!

And good afternoon thanks to some not so fun blog uploading problems today. I’m hoping you had a great weekend. This weekend I went to the New Jersey romance writers Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. What a great time I had and it was so inspirational. But then again I always find it inspirational when I get with so many writer ladies (and a the few writer men) at these conferences. I attended many informative workshops that had me feeling both empowered and gave me lots of room for thought on where I can improve both my craft and the business side of things especially now that I have my first book out, Through The Lens.

And speaking of marketing Through The Lens, I was so happy that my first try at Goody Room swag was a success. I did these little bags with my postcard, some candy, a kaleidoscope and little camera that was all the DD’s idea. Yay! All my goodies got gone. Wait. Somehow that does not sound quite right but oh well. Now the DD is all ready to be my marketing manager. Hey, if it gives her a focus and a major than I’m all good with that.

TTL Swag

Below are a few pics and highlights from the weekend and the book signing. I wish I had more and I wish my cell camera was better. Sorry for the blurriness.

Golden Leaf Award winner Dee Davis. Congrats Dee!

RWA/NYC’s  Isabo Kelly and our newest little member on the way!

RWA/NYC’s – Karen Cino

Me and the fab Marie Force

RWA/NYC’s Tanya Goodwin

RWA/NYC’s Anna DePalo

RWA/NYC’s Lena Hart

And here should be the best pic of RWA/NYC’s Catherine Greenfeder.

But I goofed and it’s all super blurry. Please take this pic of her newest release Wildflowers in it’s place. So pretty huh? Please check it out.

Me and the lovely Angeline M. Bishop

And now I’m hanging up my badge till next year. Thanks RWA NJ!

All the best,