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    Diversify… Now!

    Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

    I hope you are having a wonderful one filled with plenty of sweets and your favorite sweetheart 🙂

    Pages in heart shape


    You all know that I’m a big advocate for diversity in romance and to speak to that I’m proud to have been invited to participate in a Romance Writer Chat  #RWChat on twitter this Sunday 2/15 with the fantastic Alisha Rai to talk about diversity in the romance industry. If you are around at 7PM EST please hop on Twitter and join in as we’d love to have you. You know my motto: #WeNeedDiverseRomance Hope to see you there!


    diverse chat


    All the best,


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    What’s Jack up to? Just chilling on his couch perch as I type this. He’s had a cool and lazy day, then a good night and is in no mood to let it go. I understand Jack.
    So yesterday I attended my first tweetup hosted hosted by @smartbitches. You remember Sara Wendall from her Beyond Heaving Bosoms guest post here.

    “What’s a tweetup?” I hear you asking. Well a tweetup is a sort of meet up with the call going out over Twitter.

    So Sara sent out the tweet: Come to the Smart Bitches Tweetup tonight @ Irish Rogue @ 530pm

    And I thought about it as I was doing afternoon errands of grocery shopping. I really wanted to head downtown to meet up with friends for a quick drink and some book gab. Really.

    So after much back and forth in my mind I was on the train, headed downtown and then…
    Tweeting up! It was a perfect evening to sit outside and people watch in the city.

    See Twitter can be fun!

    Photo thanks to Sara. Check out co- Bosom author Candy Tan in front looking
    so cute in stripes!

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    Sucked In A Tweetisphere

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s doing the chill Jack thing right now. Meaning trouble later.

    So I’ve been Twittering for a bit now. Still learning, but quickly going over to the dark side and fast. I have to say I’m having so much fun keeping up with my friends in just about real time while watching the same shows. And no, these are not really strangers, well, not mostly. See I know my P-I-C and my writer/fashion friends. Sure Anderson Cooper, Mc Hammer and Ellen D. don’t know me but it’s fun to watch them being the voyeur I am. So I’ll admit I’m stuck in the abyss and enjoying it… for now. Cue creepy music here please.

    Care to follow me? Well come on the water’s fine!