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What’s Jack up to? Just chilling on his couch perch as I type this. He’s had a cool and lazy day, then a good night and is in no mood to let it go. I understand Jack.
So yesterday I attended my first tweetup hosted hosted by @smartbitches. You remember Sara Wendall from her Beyond Heaving Bosoms guest post here.

“What’s a tweetup?” I hear you asking. Well a tweetup is a sort of meet up with the call going out over Twitter.

So Sara sent out the tweet: Come to the Smart Bitches Tweetup tonight @ Irish Rogue @ 530pm

And I thought about it as I was doing afternoon errands of grocery shopping. I really wanted to head downtown to meet up with friends for a quick drink and some book gab. Really.

So after much back and forth in my mind I was on the train, headed downtown and then…
Tweeting up! It was a perfect evening to sit outside and people watch in the city.

See Twitter can be fun!

Photo thanks to Sara. Check out co- Bosom author Candy Tan in front looking
so cute in stripes!